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would it be what i'm looking for?

ttomm46ttomm46 Member UncommonPosts: 446


I'm getting tired of the same old kill a monster to advance MMO game play and I was wondering about the long term playability of UO?....I've seen Arguements about the old vs. the newer UO,but as a rookie I wouldn't know the difference...I've tried Eve..just not my thing..plus I've played WOW....LOTR..D&D Online... ...DOAC...I'm looking for more open ended play...

One major question i have is the learning curve,,a review on Games daily said it's almostimpossible now for anew player to learn and they recommendedit for long time players only.

Iwould appreciate any advice


  • FockerFocker Member Posts: 344

    I would probebly agree that it takes a while to learn that curve.  I know the feeling of not being able to find a game that keeps you interested, but if your willing to wait a bit, Darkfall is suppose to hopefully release this year.  Atleast thats what they are saying. (crosses fingers) 

    You could always give UO a try for a month or two to see how it is.  Not sure if they still have the free trial going on, but I would look into that.  Theres not a better opinion then your own about a game you'll be playing.  :)

  • ttomm46ttomm46 Member UncommonPosts: 446

    thanks..every post helps

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