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performance guesses

tokinitokini Member UncommonPosts: 372


 i am considering this as a 'budget' computer upgrade to play AoC on.

intel core 2 duo2.4 ghz processor

2 gig ddr2 ram

geforce 8600 gt 512 mb video card


anyone have any ideas or estimates on what type of framerates i may be able to pull off on various graphics settings?

thanks in advance for any replies


  • TheGreyManTheGreyMan Member Posts: 325

    low maybe a couple thing on medium 20-40 fps


  • tokinitokini Member UncommonPosts: 372

    Originally posted by TheGreyMan

    low maybe a couple thing on medium 20-40 fps
      thanks for the reply.


    that works for me, as even on the old rig i have, all low and pathetic framerates, the game is quite enjoyable. and i could always upgrade some parts in the future.

  • quaikyquaiky Member Posts: 566

    if you take a 8800 gfx card and add 1-2 gb ram it should run very smooth and the price difference would not be that big.

  • KevinRKevinR Member Posts: 35

    I have a E4500 dual core processor, 4 Gb of ram and a 8600 256 Mb. I run vista service pack 1. My monitor is a 19inch LCD at 1280 x 1024.

    I run AoC on low with shadows disabled and get between 47 and 11 FPS, most of the time between 20-30FPS . I find the game smooth and playable. I think Funcom need to sort out the low, medium and high settings some of the sliders are still set on max for low setting. I am running DX9 as the DX10 is not in the game atm. I tried switching between shader 3 and 2 but it made little difference. Even on low the graphics are very good.

    If you have Vista then I would reccomend getting another stick of ram and going up to 3 or 4 GB, other then that I think you are ready to go. Check how much free space you have on your hard disk as its about a 35GB install.

  • QmireQmire Member Posts: 423

    if possible by all means try to find a way getting that 8600gt changed to a 8800GT the performance difference is quite big but the price isn't.


    that GFX card seems like it was breed with AoC....  you do be getting a handful more FPS and perhaps even go to high settings on top of it.


    And as others have said, even at low settings the game looks awesome, my guess would be thanks to 3.0 shader, since there aren't really any performance difference between 2.0 and 3.0.... a little strange but meh.

  • ClautechClautech Member Posts: 9

    This game looks like funcom dig from some old linage 1 engine, just adding in dx10 effects on a old ugly base.

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