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Any news on the Oldfrontier severs ?

Will they be releasd, and if when ?

Has they releasd anything els that will be changed on this severs ?

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  • ShadowhandShadowhand Member Posts: 100

    Not that I know of, But I'm hoping that there's no instanced dungeons either, thats what kinda made classic servers not so classic :) But I love the thought of roaming through old emain again, and hopefully thid. Hell I could even go with old dungeon graphics lol.

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  • newbinatornewbinator Member Posts: 780

    I hope they mention something about the new server in tomorrows grab bag. Really they can't afford to take their time on this. They've got it hyped, new and old DAOC players are excited about it, now get the damn thing released ASAP.

  • punkrockpunkrock Member Posts: 1,777

    i am so lost on whats going on 9_9  what si this about the old times comeing back/???????

  • CotswoldCotswold Member Posts: 70

    This is pure guessing on my part, but I would think when they go forward with this server it will be a very fast turn-around time.  Also a guess, but my thinking is they want to see not only how many players will re-up for this server, but how many will drop their current toons to move to this new one before they roll it out.

    But I agree 100%, they need to jump on itlike NOW.

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