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Want to start DAoC, but I have a few questions....

Hello everyone,

I am new to these forums, just stumbled across them earlier today while doing abit of research, and they seem like a good resource for asking the occasional question, so I have a few ( I apologise in advance if some of these have been answered many times before):

(1) Is there somewhere where you can purchase the 5th Anniversary Edition as a CD Key Online?

(2) Is there still alot of active RvR on the Classic Servers? I've never tried it before, but am extremely interested in learning everything the game has to offer about it.

(3) Is the community primarily mature adults/young adults? and what might be a good Classic Server to roll a new character on if a person is looking for a good, friendly community?

(4) I don't have an exceptional gaming computer, it is around two and a half years old, will I be able to enjoy RvR with decent settings around large groups of players (specs below) I know DaoC is older so I am hoping my computer will be able to handle it on high settings in medium / large crowds of players:


Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.06GHz, rated at 4.62GHz (2 CPUs)

Physical Memory: 2 Gigabytes

Hard Disk(s): 1x 7,200 RPM Seagate Baracuda 320GB SATA

Audio: Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Platinum

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-8IPE1000 Series Mainboard, No PCI-E.

Video Card: XFX GeForce 7600GS 512MB DDR2 AGP 8X

 On XP 32 bit OS

(5) Any good fansites that are a MUST READ? or anywhere that a new player would be able to go to print out tons of information on the game? I'm one of those old school types that prefers to have a nearby binder full of information related to the game I am playing, its a habit I picked up during the late 80s and early 90s PC Gaming era. So any sites with large amounts of content on mechanics or anything related to the game is a real benefit to me.

Thanks alot in advance to anyone able to assist with answering these.


  • IlliusIllius Member UncommonPosts: 4,142

    1. Not sure if you can purchase the 5th edition as a key but you can download all but the last 2 expansions for free.  The last 2 expansions being Darkness Rising and Labyrinth of the Minotaur.  I have seen the 5th edition in box sets in stores for relatively cheep.  I'd say if you can find it that way and really want to play the game it would probably be less of a hassle.

    2. The 3 classic servers have been clustered together meaning that it's more like 1 giant server now.  You can interact with people from all 3 servers as long as they are part of the same realm as you are, otherwise you'll see the rest of them on the battle field and on the end of the sharp weapons you choose to wield.

    3. Last time I played was almost a year ago and I found plenty of older people there.  To be honest I actually prefer it that way.  I think there is a healthy mix older people as well as people in their 20's.

    4. With the specs you posted there I don't think you'll have any trouble running the game.  I've ran it on worse computers with good performance.

    5. As for the community sites, there are a few places I can point you to:


    Classes of Camelot

    Camelot Herald

    DAoC Warcry site

    DAoC Allakhazam Site

    Give all those a try.  It's all I could come up with since I rarely visit them.  Also go over to the VnBoards and ask around there since there is a board for very server that DAoC has, as well as Class specific boards with a lot more people actively talking about DAoC and all the things attached to it.

    Hope some of that helps you out, and perhaps some other people here will chime in suggest some other things that perhaps I've left out.  I'm assuming you played the free trial and liked what you saw.  If not I'd say give the free trial a shot just to make sure this is what you want before you start forking over money.

    Best of luck.

    No required quests! And if I decide I want to be an assassin-cartographer-dancer-pastry chef who lives only to stalk and kill interior decorators, then that's who I want to be, even if it takes me four years to max all the skills and everyone else thinks I'm freaking nuts. -Madimorga-

  • curiousdaoccuriousdaoc Member Posts: 203

    Thanks for the response Illius.

    I actually was able to find the Epic Edition package for dirt cheap online, which has everything but LoTM (as I'm sure you are aware of), and will probably just buy LoTM through the client.

    I have indeed played the trial previously, and found it to be an enjoyable game, I never had the chance to do any RvR though and am definitely still below even a Novice level in terms of what I know about the game.

    I am eagerly awaiting WAR, but have wanted to give DAoC a fair shot for some time now, and the whole RvR play aspect really intrigues me, I am a big fan of player vs player in any form. Though DAoC does look a might bit intimidating in terms of just how skilled some players are and how complex some fights can be, getting my face bashed in will be half the fun I'm sure :P

    Thanks for those tidbits of info, much appreciated :D

  • IlliusIllius Member UncommonPosts: 4,142

    Even at low levels you can still go to the battle grounds.  They are open to people within the designated level range and you can come and go as you please with no cap on how many people can join.  In the lower ones there is just a keep in the middle of it over which the 3 realms fight over as well as bridges you can use as choke points.  The higher ones, above lvl 35 if I remember correctly get 3 towers on top of the center keep that you can siege and level to the ground.

    Since you you like pvp I think you'll enjoy DAoC especially since pvp in the bg's yields more experience then some of the mobs you'll be killing.  It's how I leveled my last character.  As soon as I could I went to the bg's and started killing.  Sometimes you'll get to the slow times where the people are either sleeping or doing something else so you'll have to resort to mobs but stay in the bg's even for that.  Taking the Center Keep also gives you a huge chunk of exp, something around 85% of your level when I played so it's even more incentive aside from the fun to do it.  Toward the end of my DAoC time all I did was roll alts and pvp in the bg's.

    No required quests! And if I decide I want to be an assassin-cartographer-dancer-pastry chef who lives only to stalk and kill interior decorators, then that's who I want to be, even if it takes me four years to max all the skills and everyone else thinks I'm freaking nuts. -Madimorga-

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