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Is it worth me trying?

MajesticoMajestico Member UncommonPosts: 481

I began my MMORPG habit on the very same day that I met my favourite living authort (George RR Martin), and also met my ex.  So it was quite a day.  For other reasons as well, but I am getting off the point.  That was back in November 05. 

I had just gotten broadband, and whereas previously I had been playing MUD's, and Diablo 2 (great game, horrible community with kids hurling abuse at each other).  Having been into rpg's since I was a kid (pen and paper and then computer games), you can imagine my reaction when I saw a trailer for EQ2.  I had never seen a MMORPG before, and this looked like a gaming dream come true. 

I still have fond memories of that game, but it is not the gaming Nirvana I thought it was going to be.  To that matter I have yet to find one.  All that I am asking is for a MMO to create a proper rpg environment, with invloving story-lines.  They can do it with single player games, so why not with such a great genre as MMO?

Now having a short attention span, I am constantly trying new games.  I have a couple of games which I am happy to continue to pay the sub for, although I still continue to experiment with others.

I have heard a lot about this game, but in saying, still do not know too much about it.  Is it worth trying as a new player, or has its time passed?  Also, if it is worth paying to play for an old game, can you tell me the reasons? 

Thanks in advance for any info.


  • SouvecSouvec Member Posts: 698

    I would think from an MMO appreciation stand-point I would. UO though in its current state isn't exactly what it was when I loved it, it still has that similar feeling that takes me back.

    Its also possible that in your short venture with UO, that you will begin to see how little this genre has really come, if not how far backwards (in terms of what can be done) this genre of gaming has really ended up going.

  • obiiobii Member UncommonPosts: 804

    Uo in the meantime is one of the 'old' games there.

    If you try to play it with the 2d client it will look outdated and if you try the new KR client you will have the buggier client.


    I would still say give it a try, but approach it from the mindsetting that there are no fixed quests to advance you through content. UO was once made as a role playing game where the players decided how they influence their world (sadly though ea has neglected that part of the game for a decade now).

    You might recognize lots of systems from UO in other games and then know why other games used them or avoided them.



  • StellosStellos Member UncommonPosts: 1,491

    UO was the greatest MMO of all time, the key word is WAS.  I wish I could still recommend it to you, but I'd have to honestly answer with no.  I tried to get back into UO several months ago and was extremely unsatisfied with the current state of the game.  The game is just outdated and ruined with a ton of new ideas trying to spice the game up and essentially making it a multi-colored weapon and mount joke.  Unless you have a deep passion for UO for some reason I don't see anyone having much fun in the game this day in age.  But there is a trial still available so get a taste for yourself

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