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Lookin for a mmorpg



  • Amid18191Amid18191 Member Posts: 12

    Try play 9Dragons , this game is pretty look and  You have much fun from playing , specialy form pvp :) .

  • LoupsterLoupster Member Posts: 74


    Originally posted by kilro1

    Alright you guys are talking about the go out and buy mmorpgs like wow. i have a game that is almost like wow but free its called Last Chaos you can download it from this web site too.

    I tried last chaos...wasn't my thing but if your looking for something free then go for it.


    I also got bored of WoW and left, so now I'm just screwing around with GW and free MMOs until WAR comes out. I'd reccomend doing the same. GW isn't amazing but for a f2p MMO it's pretty good and if your planning on jumping ships when WAR or AoC launches anyways it could be a good idea. If buying a game like GW doesn't apeal to you then maybe try one of the sub-par free MMOs out there. Kinght Online is a horrible game but an amazing free game, last chaos is good for being free to.

    -Snowman <- this name was taken.....but I like it more

  • iUDEX_nCriUDEX_nCr Member Posts: 18

    Mate, give GuildWars a go. It is nothing like WoW.

    Max level is 20. Will only take you about 2-3 days max to get there. There after, the singleplayer mode is pretty good albeit the voice acting is a but silly. But the storyline is excellent.

    The PvP is pretty mature. and as for the person who said "you only get 8 skills"... well mate, go home and cry to your mother. It requires some maturity to understand it... and graphics? WoW? looks a bit too cartoony for my liking.

    Or mate, come and play Battlefield 2 or FEAR:Combat.


  • berserkerc50berserkerc50 Member UncommonPosts: 4

    good mmorpgs that u only can find are: Final Fantasy 11, Tabula Rasa, WoW, Aion...

    Tabula rasa and FFXI for now is the best mmorpgs till now when aion outs to be played will be there too..

  • MoonlineMoonline Member Posts: 1

    shadow of legend...though it's new, however, there are many things to appear. it attracts me..

  • phatpeteyphatpetey Member Posts: 323

    You could give Dark Age of Camelot a try. The game has a decent PvP system and the raiding system looks alot like WoW.


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