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Worth playing till WAR

thamighty213thamighty213 Member UncommonPosts: 1,637

Hi been bouncing around MMO's since CU in SWG played conan didnt like it is DAOC classic worth playing for a short period of time till WAR.


The Disciple of Khaine in WAR has realy captivated me and many have said its akin to the Vampiir in DAOC so considering purchasing it today is it something I can enjoy for 6 months or so until WAR or does it require a lot more time invested to enjoy it.


  • TheFirst109TheFirst109 Member UncommonPosts: 182

    DAOC is a very easy game to get into especially on the classic server where you dont need to worry about toa epics. My two friends and I were able to hit 50 on our first characters in 3 days of casual play, and then using my friend's Bonedancer pl I was able to level a character to 50 within 6 hours. If you can get in a nice guild they are generally willing to help PL so that would be my only advice. But even as you go the battlegrounds for each level cap are some of the best pvp to date and great to kill time in till WAR.

  • LeucentLeucent Member Posts: 2,371

    Yep best pvp out there IMO. This includes some new games coming out. If you want a guild vs guild type game no but if you like fighting for a realm over keeps and relics(items that when owned give your realm a boost) as well as Realm Points that boost your char., then yes best game out there IMO. You can easily keep busy till WAR is out in this older but good gem:) I just re subbed myself because i m not to into anything else out there now and in the near future. As well i m in WAR beta and know i ll be playing that so i figured i would dabble with my 50 s in DAOC and level a couple more till WAR is out. May as well play what will soon be the second best pvp game, or should i say RVR:)

  • brostynbrostyn Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 3,092

    The only bad thing about DAoC is that it take other players to have fun. The population is just not high enough to sustain any sort of RvR. Even Thid is empty now.

  • punkrockpunkrock Member Posts: 1,777

    if your on classic its rocken at night time and thid is empty becouse its getting boring there lol. molv is the hot spot know fromn what i have seen lately.

    give the game a go and see what happens you might like it.

  • thamighty213thamighty213 Member UncommonPosts: 1,637

    What classic server should i roll on as a euro player from what ive seen a lot of euro's seem to play on gareth (spelling) would this be the correct choice.

  • ThriftThrift Member Posts: 1,783

    I think Im gonna give this game a go while I wait for WAR to come out,  I guss Im gonna drop myself in one of the classic servers and see how it goes.

    Where should I go?

    Bossiney cluster






  • Ascension08Ascension08 Member Posts: 1,980

    This game's really fun, there's just so much variety class-wise and it has a great lore and setting. The UI and combat systems are a little awkward compared to some of the modern MMOs, but this is years old. It's easy to learn and fun, the only flaw really is the low population. I'd still give it a try, at least give the trial a chance. It's still alive.

    A human and an Elf get captured by Skaven. The rat-men are getting ready to shoot the first hostage with Dwarf-made guns when he yells, "Earthquake!" The naturally nervous Skaven run and hide from the imaginary threat. He escapes. The Skaven regroup and bring out the Elf. Being very smart, the Elf has figured out what to do. When the Skaven get ready to shoot, the Elf, in order to scare them, yells, "Fire!"

    Order of the White Border.

  • ThriftThrift Member Posts: 1,783

    Im about to do the 14 day trial if I like the game will I get all expansions included if I buy it off the site?

  • ShalandarShalandar Member Posts: 51

    If your a new player about to start the trial, and your unsure of where to go, I would start on one of the "Classic" servers. (Bossiney cluster) because of the higher player population.


    There is no need to powerlevel to 50 at all.  That is some of the worst advice anyone can give a new player.  The content from lv 1-50 is satisfying and the BGs, many would argue, are as fun or even more fun than RVR at lvl 50.  I would strongly advise stopping at the lvl 19(Killaloe), 24(Thidranki), and especially 39(Molvik) BGs, and the lvl 49 bg is simular to the old emain and is usually well populated.

    The servers are linked together (called clustered) which means if you are from Gareth, and your buddy is in the same realm on Ector, you can chat.  Thidranki (lvl 20-24 battleground) is busy as always, even late. Many of the lower BGs are busy on the classic cluster, and all of them are good to level in, even when empty for the extra xp bonus.


    Fot those new to the game, the "R" in RvR is your realm (Hibernia {Hibs}, Albion {Albs}, or Midgard {Mids}), and your realm fights the other realms in battlegrounds as you level, and ultimately in New Frontiers at lvl 50.

    Im addicted to PvP and am a UO/AC veteran who fell in love with the RvR system in this game. RvR does matter as the realm that is dominant in NF can open Darkness Falls (cool dungeon-full pvp), add realm bonuses for capturing an enemies artifacts, and for the rush of occupying an enemy keep, knowing a horde is coming to take it back.


    Other PvP areas include the labyrinth and Passage of Conflict, both accessible in New Frontiers to all realms--and both very cool dungeons.


    SOME ADVICE:  Have fun, be patient--as in all pvp games there is a learning curve so expect to die-- and laugh it off. Once you get used to it, and learn to function in a group well you will see your potential rather quickly. 

    **Note some classes are more powerful than others at lower levels--ignore the OP complaints...the game is balanced for lvl 50 pvp.


    I would look for a guild other than the starter guild way to learn the ropes is to have a group of people that can start you off in the right direction. There is a list of guilds that recruit on the Camelot Herald under Guild News and in the game you can turn on the "looking for Guild" flag after you leave the starter guild.

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