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Is there any trade/manufacturing/selling loot from monsters?

DekapitatorDekapitator Member UncommonPosts: 261

I want to try this game out but don't want to realize i just registered to a another monster grind game...
Is there any trade/manufacturing/selling loot from monsters/buying best armor or guns... in this game?


  • ZagatoMKRZagatoMKR Member UncommonPosts: 263

    There was a post about loot somewhere here, but I'll repeat it... Around 75% of the loot is used to produce weapons, armor and ammo by a specialist class and a pure specialist lvl40 (second job) has a chance of producing a special type weapon or armor (purple or yellow). Then there's a combination system that is accessible to all classes where you can combine items to make powerful stuff etc. Game has an "auction house" instead of street stalls where you can sell/buy all kind of stuff including the end game powerful items, but like a lot of stuff, very overpriced.

    Remember, this game revolves around PvP, so be sure you can handle it.


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