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Devs: Think outside the box



  • LoGic_pLoGic_p Member Posts: 67

    aoc is trying new stuff , but all people do is trash it, so ye there will be many more clones


  • GreenChaosGreenChaos Member Posts: 2,268
    Originally posted by mccoyy

    Stop making trash games...
    Cant make a kick ass game for $49.99 us and $12.00 month?
    Cant figure out why people keep trying new games in droves, only to go back to WOW a month later and bitch cuz all the new games dont even come close?
    Make a really kick ass game and charge $79.99 for it and charge $29.99/month....Be the first dev on the block to make a premium product.
    Heck..charge me $150.00 for it and $29.99/mth...just get me the hell outta WOW.....
    (I prefer a MMO set in space if anyones listening, but will settle for fantasy if i have to)
    Oh, and P.S. ..there wil be lots of kids who will reply to this lol'ing and /ranting about how noone would be able to afford it or if they could be willing to pay it..
    DO NOT BELIEVE THEM FOR A SECOND...you will get an incredible following who will ALWAYS continue to pay for a quality product and will /applaud you for keeping away the riff raff.
    Can I get an AMEN brothers?

    Making a MMO has to be the stupidest thing a developer can do right now.

    • If it’s too different from WoW everyone will complain and say it lacks depth.  If it’s too similar everyone will say it’s a WoW clone.
    • MMO’s are a popularity contest; people go to where the people are.  So to make a successful MMO you have to be popular, to be popular you have to please everyone, pleasing everyone is going to be imposable.
    • As far as pricing goes the cost of the box is not the issue.  The issue is development cost / development time / risk.  Because these game take so long to make with such a high cost you just aren’t going to see a lot of risk.  So you are either going to get a WoW clone or a low budget risk taker.  You are not going to see a high budget risk taker.  Don’t blame the devs, blame all the people that give blizzard money.

    I really don’t think it’s possible to make a really popular high budget MMO other than WoW at this point.  What is possible is a really fun low budget graphics wise game.  If done right it could be popular, just not that high-end looking.  (I’m working on it just give me time).

    What we as gamers game do. 

    As a consumer your voice is your money.  Do not play a game if you do not like it.  Don’t settle.  If you don’t like any MMOs don’t play WoW (or any other MMO) as a last resort.  Go play a non-MMO.  If you are not playing GTA IV, Orange Box, or Rock Band right now you are missing out on some great games.

    Don’t be a complainer, be a gamer.  There are plenty of great non-MMO games out there.  And if you want a really fun, pvp heavy, roleplay heavy online RPG, play a MUD.  Or go to a game store and get in on a paper RPG game.

    As long as gamers settle and play half-assed MMOs we are going to continue to get crap. 


  • RecantRecant Member UncommonPosts: 1,586

    Someone thinks I'm "riff-raff" :(

    Still waiting for your Holy Grail MMORPG? Interesting...

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