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Worth Coming back for an Old Timer?

DeathrenDeathren Member Posts: 10

Ok, let me set this up. I have seen alot of posts on players returning ect... but I think my case is different. I was in The beta for DOAC and I left right after the the launch of the first expansion. So that was like what... 5-6 years ago? I missed most new classes, housing ect.. so for me, I know there will be a big learning curve.

I am mostly interested in the RvR aspect and PVP. Yes, I know alot of things have changed, but I wanted to get an idea on the amount of time to get up to a respectable lvl and if the RVR is still fun? I have a child now, so time is limited. I want to be able to lvl rather quickly, so that I will be able to play (RVR)an hour or 2 at  a time when I get free time.

Should I play on a Classic Server? I was a scout with my main last time.

Any thoughts, tips or suggestions for a real old Player?

Thanks for any help!


  • RageaholRageahol Member UncommonPosts: 1,127

    yeha there will be sort of a learning curve but its better to find out and learn for your self go you can be a better player..with that said   I would say play on classics easier then ToA servers and much more people  and some of those old players...classic servers are just the way to go nowadays..Leveling is not hard   if you have friends/in game money..if not  it can be  about a moderate time span

    enjoy your times coming back..


  • AntariousAntarious Member UncommonPosts: 2,835

    In general its not that hard to level in DAoC now.  As for RvR... 

    Its going to depend on if you can find people to group with and find a class that is going to get groups that is currently needed.  Or if you don't mind pugs that probably won't be hard.

    Go to the herald and watch the server populations (as mythic doesn't hide them).  I left a month or so ago because the game to me was boring due to lack of population/anything going on much.

    So to be honest if you were a "friend" I'd say stay away..

    But to be fair if you are thinking about it.. you should check it out for yourself.

    Or go to the vault boards for cluster(s) you might be interested in and see if you can get any intellegent answers (oddly sometimes you can).

    ToA or Classic won't make much difference as the artifacts in ToA aren't that hard to get.  So much idiot stuff has been added to classic servers.. well anyway...  If you are looking to game at 50..

    It won't take long to get there.  Getting the Realm Rank and gear to compete may be a different story.  Again it comes down to if you make friends/get a helpful guild early. 

    So basics were:

    1) go to and see what cluster(s) are active .. err have population at least.

    2) the boards at are probably going to get your more responses..

    3) ask questions there as well or at least read any "needed class" or "returning player" posts

    4) if you decide to play.. try to find a guild asap (people familiar with the current game, must have items etc are going to be your biggest help).

     (edited due to funkage with links)

  • sandman064sandman064 Member Posts: 4

    Hey, I would say yes, come back and see what you think. I left a month after toa came out, came back a year or so later, played for several months, became frustrated and left. I reupped again in December, joined an elite, very helpful guild and have had a blast since. of course I play in the mornings and solo alot, but when it came to getting help with armor and weapons and running quests and trials it is great having a group of friends that dont mind coming to your aid. Since i play alone alot i had to abandon my pally and minstrel and create a scout, which i have thuroughly enjoyed. Since you have one play him and see what you think, they have made  changes to that class that have helped with his status on the battlefield, and i am sure i will get a post explaining how unfair and easy it is to play a scout now, but so what. i have no preference to toa or classic, try both and see what you think. i havent tried classic but i am sure it is fun as well. gl!

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