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illdirreyilldirrey Member Posts: 1

Ok, I've been playing this game for about half a year now, and it's still good! Maybe it's because it's free.. haha, anyways I really love the graphics... it's very realistic, more mature-looking. The landscape at times look like it was painted, and other times computer rendered. However, it is very consistent.

I can tolerate the lags on weekends, in my opinion it lags less than 9dragons or Silk Road. On weekdays, the game is very smooth-running. I have a middle-range laptop, and on medium settings runs exceedingly well. Most people are in there twenties I think. This makes the atmosphere more adult-oriented. As a result, there are significantly less childish comments flying around.

Rappelz has a very advanced chat system. I believe this is important in making the world feel like a community. This also stops people from running around with long strings over their head.

There are two modes of Rappelz (depending on which server you choose to play on) PvE and PvP. the PvP is very fun and risky, and PvE can also have PvP elements due to pk-on modes being available. To make sure new players won't be constantly killed, there is also a morality system. This can make even the most powerful player weak as a lamb in a few newbie-killing sprees.

Like many rpgs, this one also has a land ownership system. Guilds and their allies can take a dungeon, and defend it. Dungeons provide money through taxes, and offer convenient teleport-ability. However, there are many more guilds than dungeons so there is always something to look forward to on the weekends.

I enjoy Rappelz for the people and the beautiful graphics. I recently turned down the music so I can play with some of my own background. However, the music is still good. Styles are mainly orchestra, and brass.

The game is relatively new, and so about every couple of weeks there are new things coming out.




  • ThecensoredThecensored Member Posts: 79

    It's alright. Been away from it for awhile, and just came back.

    Inflation is crazy and too many pets like a pokemon game. I still don't know what to make of this. I've tried several f2p games and can't stay logged in for more than an hour. Rappelz keeps my attention.

    I just wish my new EVE character I made would get the skills I need sooner, because looking ahead, there's nothing coming out in 2008. It will be another '07 repeat.

    It's cool to be excited for a new game coming out but the truth is, I read the beta testers comments on different forums, it's not looking good for any of the games coming out. Just Goggle it, you see...

  • kidflash05kidflash05 Member Posts: 10

    I've been enjoying this game pretty good so far. I'm at level 23 right now, Holy Knight.

    It's fun to play with friends, but you can be entertained on your own too. There is lag at peak hours, especially on weekends, but it is bearable. It's mostly in crowded areas anyhow.

    The graphics are pretty decent in my opinion. They also have fun events, even though I've only been around long enough for the Rangifer (Christmas Theme) one I am looking forward to other ones.

    I don't have much MMORPG experience, so I can't really compare this to anything. I used to play FFXI, but eventually didn't play enough to make the monthly payment worth it so I quit that but I might pick it up again. I also played a little Lineage, enjoyed that but also fell out of it.

    I think as far as free MMORPGS go, Rappelz is pretty good. I've tried Silkroad and well with the overwhelming existence of bots has unfortunately turned me off on that game. I also tried Archlord and did not like it. At all. :|

    Rappelz also has good customer service. I was having render device errors before and their tech service guys helped me out. It may take them a few days to reply to your emails, but we eventually figured out a solution (for me, it was using the Omega Drivers instead for my graphics card). They were very helpful.

    So, I recommend Rappelz!

  • doomsday23doomsday23 Member Posts: 1

    ya um hi im lvl 15 and still on traniee island and i was wondering how do i get off the island im an assassin and i really need help on how to get off the island

  • kargoth05kargoth05 Member UncommonPosts: 6

    lol doomsday u just go to teleporter. when u turn lvl 15 and leave u will not be able to go back to the trainees island.

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