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Rappelz help!!!

medievalMANmedievalMAN Member Posts: 8

Everytime I click start on rappelz launcher it comes up with a message saying 'debugger found to be running in your computer. Stop running debugger and try again.' I have tried everything and have been on a lot of forums but yet no help. Can some1 help me?


  • kargoth05kargoth05 Member UncommonPosts: 6

    hey man...well it wasn't in Rappelz that it was happening to...but when i had the same problem as you i restarted the computer...or i uninstalled it and tried a different download. i had to download this one game like 3 times...i was get n so mad. but then i finally got it after i tried a new download. get Xfire and then download the game using an Xfire download. its the one i used to get Rappelz working! :D so try the Xfire one. message me back and tell me if it works!!

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