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free trial

redgirlredgirl Member Posts: 5


I would be interested in trying Lineage II. I've looked around the net for a free trial, but there's seem to be none actually (the ones I found are old and not working anymore). Anyone knows of a way to try the game free for a couple of days?

Thank you very much for your time.


  • thyrenethyrene Member Posts: 50

    where u from? you can have free dvd installer of Lineage2.  All I know is u must go to their office. =)

  • AldogoAldogo Member Posts: 30

    I can send you a refer-a-friend key, gives you 7 days of free play

    I would wait to wednesday-thursday to start playing tho, since they will open a new server (Luna) and everyone will start from level 1 again. But send me a pm with your email if you want the free trial

  • redgirlredgirl Member Posts: 5

    ok,thanks very much.and my email is [email protected]

  • blacksaviorblacksavior Member Posts: 2

    Im too am also interested in trying lineage 2. If you can send me a friend refer i would glad join you on your quests.

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