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Twisting The Knife



  • Jimmy_ScytheJimmy_Scythe Member CommonPosts: 3,586

    Originally posted by Neanderthal

    Originally posted by komarr

    Pulling things back to the original topic.  While AoC has PvE, PvP and raiding, some people will never pvp or raid.  Some will only pvp.  People will play those parts of any game they like and leave the rest.   There is no rule that says people have to use every part of a game they buy.
    Wow!   That sounds great!


    Except...if you want to keep progressing your character (and you'll need to if you want to stay competative) you'll have to farm pve raids.

    "But..but..but, aren't pvp and pve gear seperate?" 

     NO, PVP AND PVE GEAR ARE NOT SEPARATE.  My God, that's the biggest load of BS hype there is about this game.  And I can't even blame the devs for this misconception because they NEVER said this.  This idea was invented by fans who WANTED it to be that way and then convinced each other that it would be.  The complicity of the devs in the misinformation is simply that they allowed the misconception to flourish and grow and didn't make any real attempt to set people straight.

    The way it works is that PvE stats on items and PvP stats on items will STACK with each other when the item is used in PvP.  When the item is used for PvE only the PvE stats count.  This means that an item with great big PvE numbers on it will have great big numbers in PvP as well.  But an item that only has great big PvP stats on it won't be worth jack sh-t in PvE.

    They did it this way to prevent people from using PvP items to bypass raid progression, NOT to prevent overpowered raid items from being used in PvP.

    But it's practically a moot point anyway since they decided to set up PvP rewards in such a way that only people who grind PvP like a full time job will ever get the PvP item rewards.

    "But..but..but, can't I make crafted items for PvP?"

    Sure you can.  But if you want to make anything worthwhile you'll have to farm raids for the materials. 

    In addition to that you are barred from making the best crafted stuff if you're not in a big guild.  See, you have to be in a guild with a instanced city of a certain tier or you can't even make the best of the crafted stuff.  And to have a city like that you'll need a fairly large guild.  That's part of their plan to push people into big guilds because they figure that once you're in the big guild you'll happily dedicate your life to raiding and all will be well.

    You don't believe what I'm saying?  Copy this post and save it.  Then if it's all proven wrong after release you come back to this board and repost it and throw it in my face and laugh and laugh and laugh at how you pwned me.

    Very nice. So hardcore raiders will have an advantage over hardcore PvP players. Guess this means that PvP gear will be plentiful at the auction house. Still doesn't change the fact that the winners stay on top and no one else will have the ability to move up in PvP.

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