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Is now a good time to buy a new PC?

BlomiBlomi Member Posts: 200

Or is there some new advance in the next 6 months or so that I should wait for?  Like a new breed of graphics cards and motherboards, etc...? 

I buy my home PC's from Dell.  Was going to wait until Aion went to NA Beta, but I tire of waiting ><



  • chrislekochrisleko Member Posts: 200

    There's always new tech on the horizon.  Six months after you buy any machine it's outdated.  If you've got the cash, now is a decent time, although quad-cores might get a little cheaper in the coming months.

  • CleffyIICleffyII Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 3,440

    I would change your dealer.  Dell is sooo expensive.  In a couple weeks there is the HD4k series which should make a splosh.  In 6 months AMD might have a competing solution to intel.


  • phatpeteyphatpetey Member Posts: 323

    Dell might be expensive but they have probably the best PCs for gaming usage. And there laptops are the best out there in my eyes although I'm not an expert !


  • Sam123jo0123Sam123jo0123 Member Posts: 409

    The depretiation is massive at the moment, NVIDIA just released the 9 series which dropped the 8's prices, you can now get a q6600 for like $150, so yes it's a good time - but not for selling.

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  • VrikaVrika Member EpicPosts: 6,994
    Good time to buy a new PC is always when you need a new PC. Not a moment sooner, nor a moment later. Because the prices keep always dropping, and even the experts can't make any reliable predictions about how much.

    So buy when you need, but only if you feel you need. If you feel you won't need yet, you'd get a better PC for the same price in a couple of months.
  • CeclisCeclis Member Posts: 29

     .......Dell has the best pc's for gaming? 

  • demented669demented669 Member Posts: 402

    nividia SLI board and 2 new 9800... drool...i want


  • EphimeroEphimero Member Posts: 1,860

    Yes, GT200 will be coming in ~July, a new architecture from Nvidia which will piss over the 9800GX2, and there we will have Nehalem, from Intel, which will be coming at the end of this year, and now that is an upgrade, consider it as when Intel released Intel Pro back in 1995, a radical improvement on technologies, that will come with a consolidation for DDR3 memories and, of course, new mobos. Im also waiting for Aion and will wait until it releases to upgrade since it's coming out on ~q4 2008 or q1 2009, and will get all of that for sure.

    Now it isn't the best time to buy a PC unless you get it ready for an upgrade later this year, also, if you don't plan on having the best of the best, just wait also, cause prices will drop significantly in both graphics/processor departments, and the generation that will drop prices will be the 8800s and the q6600s, aka one of the best gaming generations ever.

    And demented, nividia boards are crappy, asus/gygabyte is where I'd put my money at.

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