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Looking for F2P with good customization. Does it exist?

seiji331seiji331 Member Posts: 47

basically the title of the post says it all.

on top of that decent graphics would be great

and decent pvp as well.

i just want a game where i dont end up looking like everyone else wearing the same armor with just a different face.. a nice variety of looks would be nice

something like with guildwars where you have different style armor with different minor functions to them


  • ToxiliumToxilium Member UncommonPosts: 905

    F2P: Guild Wars (minimum customization), Anarchy Online (minimum customization) or crappy F2P asian grinds.

     Second life is F2P but its more of a "Sims Online" sandbox than a refined MMO. But it has the most customization of any MMO... ever.

    City of Heroes easily has the best and most complex costume creator in any refined MMO. You can make a completely unique costume with horns, belts, boots, hoods, masks, shirts, armor, different colors, wings, you name it you can have it probably. It's Pay-2-Play but the $15/month is defenately worth it.



  • albert02albert02 Member Posts: 3

    I Only F2P game I think of w/ great graphic, good custom****,  Is Granado Espada "Sword of the New World"


    Its a F2P

    It has Great Graphic "award winning in Korea in best graphic game"

    Great Story line and Quest

     PVP and Non-PVP Servers

    Clan Wars

    Can Play up to 3 characters  "dont be afraid of this, its very easy play, too easy u dont think about botting"

    50+ diff characters.

    Great Environment CINEMATIC surroundings

    Lots of unique Mobs and Giant Bosses

    E-mall for power ups (in web site)

    Diff Classes and unique skills/Stance


    For more Info use Youtube.com, google.com for web site and supports

    If u want unique mmorpg u must try this game

    If ur a Asians/East - Granado Espada

    If ur from N. America and some part of Europe/West - Sword of the Age


  • seiji331seiji331 Member Posts: 47

    im thinking i might give GE another try.. maybe a little more patience with it will give it some freshness..


    i dont know about the pvp in it though.. i hear its pretty dull?

  • ToxiliumToxilium Member UncommonPosts: 905
    Originally posted by albert02

    "award winning in Korea in best graphic game"

    That's not saying much



  • CelastinCelastin Member Posts: 68

    Originally posted by D3mis3

    Originally posted by albert02

    "award winning in Korea in best graphic game"

    That's not saying much


    not much at all i thought the games pvp and end game sucked


  • albert02albert02 Member Posts: 3

    Not all people got same opinions about something.... who to blame

    Whats kind of  mmorpg you like?

    colorful or realistic "but except the magical power and so whatever"

    modern, futuristic or old "dunno whats the right word" theme

    Action packed or lots social interaction or lots of quest game

    Focuses on Player killing, GvG or just normal game mixed w/ GvG and PVP as a event

    who knows





  • CactusgamerCactusgamer Member Posts: 12

    Perfect world has everything you want. You can customize everything.

  • seiji331seiji331 Member Posts: 47

    i tried getting perfect world.. but the gaming network or whatever wouldnt let me sign up for an account.. it kept giving me an error at the end of signup?

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