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one Suggestion

Hey, I'm new to the site and had a suggestion. Why dont you sperate the free MMORPG's and the ones where you have to pay monthly for people that dont want to pay or have a bar on the right saying how much it is, on the game list.


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  • NeoKyosuke18NeoKyosuke18 Member Posts: 204

    it's easier by putting the games up by rating... the high rated games you have to pay for and all those free games have ratings around 5-1.

    Honestly a free mmorpg is NOT worth playing. You will encounter too many bugs, too many hackers, and nothing to do in game due to lack o funds to make the game any better...

    Your money is going to the company to hire people to monitor and constatly improve upon the game. How do you think they stop hackers and fix problems. by volunteers who know computer programming and the entire structure of their system?

    Money=Quality (not always though)

    try some of the games with trial months.

    Anarchy Online is worth the 7 day trial after that it's 9.95 for the game and you get 30 days free. then it's 9.95 / month if you chooose to continue. You can either pay 9.95 for 37 days of a good game or go to McDonnalds and get lunch and dinner to fatten your butt up

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