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I need your "Professional" advice

InkageInkage Member Posts: 2

Rightio, so here goes nothing.


I've been playing a lot of MMOs in the past 8 or 9 years, and now, I've run out of MMOs to play. Current game I'm playing is World of Warcraft, but it's getting awfully boring. I have full S3, now nothing left to do. (WoW players will know what I mean.) I assumed this would be the best place to go if I were to try and find someone who could help me finding a new playable MMO for me. I'm mainly a PvP fan, so PvP is a must and PvE is optional. I don't care about price, the game can cost as much as it likes, as long as it's good. So here are the games I've played and will not consider playing again, either because I've played too much, or I disliked... Thank you guys in advance if you could help me. =)

PS - I have read the sticky, but I've played almost all the games on that list already.

Guild Wars - Done enough PvP, tried every class at 20, didn't like it very much.

Ragnarok - Has a Stalker transcendant, don't feel like grinding anymore.

Runescape - Level 110, and finally realised it sucks, but this was around 6, 7 years ago.

WoW - Full S3, too easy, and I hate PvE.

Audition online - Too many kids playing the game, and audition 2 is out already in korea...

EQ 2 - Have a 40+ crusader, just got bored, end of story, never played 1 before.

EVE online - Spaceships, no thanks.

DaoC - PvP is totally rubbish, I got to like level 20 something and just quit.

FFXII - Has been out for too long already, starting now would be a big mistake.

Lineage II - Pointless grinding with a million private servers and bots, very similar to Ragnarok online in that sense...

Flyff - Didn't like the combat system. Bad combat system = bad PvP system.

Phantasy star online - HuCast level 200, quit after getting Sealed J sword unsealed. Great game, but not much to do after getting the best gear.

Maplestory - Played for about 30 minutes, after I got killed by some random snail I just gave up. Mainly because there's no PvP in this game at all.

I'll stop here now, although there are a tonne of games I haven't mentioned. I'd be here all day if I bothered trying to name them all.  So anyway, if you bothered reading through all that, try and come up with a GOOD game which I haven't mentioned. Grinding is no problem as long as there's a point to it, PvP is a must, price is not an issue. Thanks everyone!


  • nickman1993nickman1993 Member Posts: 287

    Fury online its amazing NO PvE whats so ever and only like 6 months old its great they starting to kick into gear after a bad start would recomend. NOTHING in the WORLD like it

  • ToxiliumToxilium Member UncommonPosts: 905

    Originally posted by Inkage

    I'm mainly a PvP fan, so PvP is a must and PvE is optional.
      3 words




  • InkageInkage Member Posts: 2

    PvP is Fury is nothing compared to WoW. The movement system is also pretty poor...

    As for age of Conan - it's hasn't been offially released yet.


    Anymore suggestions?

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