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Downloadable client?

Why doesn't it say that this has a downloadable client on the games listing. It just says retail.

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  • bartoni33bartoni33 Member RarePosts: 2,044

    I just got an Email from Turbine saying because I was a Beta Tester I could DL game for $9.99. Too bad I just bought a Box  from EBay for about $14!


    So keep looking on Turbines Page maybe you can find a link to DL it.

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  • jarishjarish Member Posts: 526

    No...i've got the game I was just wondering why they don't have it listed as such on the game list.

    Brandywine Global LFF chan "/joinchannel glff"

  • chrislekochrisleko Member Posts: 200 can download the trail, which is the whole game, but you still have to pay 20 bucks for me.

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