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Stat points to customize my character

nickman1993nickman1993 Member Posts: 287

Has anyone ever played flyff? Well if you have that is sort of what im looking for but only one part of it. When you lvl you gain a certain amount of stat points which can be used on a lot of different things including str, dex, int, endurance, etc. This allowed for classes to be different based on what skills you put in certain places. So if i had like 20dex i could kill someone with only 2 dex but 18str and they have better wep.

I would like something similar to that but w/o as much grinding as (u hit a wall at like 60 and kill monster 10 lvls higher and gain .04%).

NOT instanced

Something with good graphics perferably not cartoonish but wouldnt mind it.

some pvp

good community

something with quests and hopefully off hand stuff 2 do

NO farmers, botters, hackers, site spamming, either please

would appreciate this and thnx =)


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