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Vista Home or Ultimate 64?

RaxusRaxus Member Posts: 23

Hey folks,


Making my new rig and just want some opinions on an OS. Gonna try Vista and want to know which one, either home 64 or ultimate 64 for a gaming machine? Will be running 8 gig Ram, E8400 chip,GIGABYTE GA-P35-DS3L mobo, Geforce 8800GTS (G92) (non-SLI mode).


Looking at doing AoC (hopefully on Max), EQ2, and possibly WAR. Thanks for any help!


  • JetrpgJetrpg Member UncommonPosts: 2,347

    Honestly id go with xp 32 bit, if you already own a copy. (64 would be nice but driver support can be an issue).

    However if you NEED vista, ulti 64. Might as well.


    Also a few things one , think about a 9800gtx or a nvidia mebo (750i 780i 790i) and two 9600 gts in sli (shit runs at an adverage on all settings all games 82% boost. More so in 1600x 1200 and higher with aa settigns or not it runs at 108% boost (from just one 9600 card). IE these 2 cards will out perform one single 9800gtx and atm you can get two from newegg for 250-260 with rebates.

    That or just one 9800gtx. I have a 8800gts 512, i love it just i can never sli it if i want becuase my boost atm will be like 50-60% were as if i had a 9800gtx (which is already faster than a 8800gts 512) i could sli and get a 95% boost were i run games. (ps if you plan on sli at all have to use a 7xxi mebo)

    Just a thought.

     PS, going with a p35 is a great idea, unless you plan on upgrading a video card like 3-4 years from now... (p35s run FAST (2-5% fps from a mebo really), and overclock WELL, and are very stable).

     PS i have 4 gb in my 32 xp ... why not. Its faster than a  vista rig. (Still i had a copy of xp so .. it was free).

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  • grunt187grunt187 Member CommonPosts: 956

    anythng over 2 gig ram u need to run 64 bit, gratz on the new rig btw

    but home or ultimate is  personal taste, i run ultimate 64 with 8 gig also and have no driver probs

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  • CleffyIICleffyII Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 3,440

    Go with ultimate over vista home.  Vista Home is mainly for the people who if they don't have an OS telling them not to do stuff they will end up breaking it.


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