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Knight Online Review

bardiabardia Member Posts: 3

This is my review of Knight Online after playing the game for roughly

5 years.

Knight online is a fantasy MMORPG in which players can choose to play as

either Karus (Orc) or El Morad (Human). After you choose a nation It's time

to choose a class. There are four different classes: Mage, Warrior, Priest and Assassin.

You can however use different builds by putting your stats in certain ways to become

different types of unofficial classes. Such as BattlePriest, Papermage.

The party system is simple. A maximum of 8 players can join a party and you

receive more experience points the bigger party you have. The party leader

can choose to disband players from his party and invite people.

Leveling is a pain in the ass in this game. Even though K2networks has continuously

updated the game with new patches to make it more "Noob-friendly". The level cap

is 80 (Started at 70). Leveling to lvl 60 takes about 2 weeks and was in earlier

stage the highest goal for most players before they started entering the PvP zone.

Nowadays It's considered a low lvl and you can't really stand a chance in PvP unless

you are lvl 70+ which takes A LOT of time. At lvl 59 you can enter a smaller

PvP-area which is good but the gap between 60-70 is too big in my opinion.

Especially as your experience gained gets cut in half after lvl 61.

Knight online is advertised as a free game, which it is, if you wanna play

at night time (Europeans). To be able to log in to the game servers you'll

need to purchase a premium. (Bronze premium $8.95, Silver Premium: $19.95

Gold Premium: $24.95, Platinum Premium $34.95) However, you can only purchase

the bronze premium from the website. You'll need to be logged into the game

to purchase a better premium. And as you can't login without a premium you'll

have to buy a Bronze premium first and then wait 25 days to be able to buy

the better premium. The whole Free2play thing is a kind of a scam but K2networks

gets away with it by having a lot of hidden material in their TOS.

The PvP is the main reason why people play this game. It has features such as

Comboing and sliding which makes the gameplay so perfect. The funny thing with

these two awesome abilities are that they were once bugs. Both of them. K2networks

was too lazy to fix these major bugs, luckily for the players. So basically, most good

things in Knight Online are bugs. The other few good things are copied from other games.

Cheating has always been a huge problem in Knight Online as there are not nearly

enough GM's to maintain the order. On every server there are 2-3 GM's who logs in

once a week if you're lucky. When they do log in, they usually host an event for the players

and then they log out again. Once a month they ban 1-2 cheaters and write it in /Notice

so it shows in everyones chat bar. Just to make it look like they are working.

As it is now, speedhackers are everywhere. They run 5x as fast as you and It's

really frustrating to play. Also a lot of bugs has been abused to level faster

and gain the best items. Even though proof of cheating has been provided, no action

has been taken and the cheaters are still playing.

According to the players of Knight Online, the customer support is the worst

support ever. When fielding a ticket you'll receive an automated reply within

24h hours (Well actually 48h) which makes no sense at all. My personal guess

is that the staff doesn't read the tickets. They just randomly pick a quote

and Copy Paste it into the ticket system. An example of their extremely lousy

Customer support is this story of an Iranian KO player who couldn't purchase

premium because Iran is not validated for Credit Cards, Paypal or Click&Buy,

which is used within k2network. So he sent money to his brother, who lives

in Germany, and let him log the account to complete the payment. As K2

suddenly made a drastic change in the rules to prevent account sharing and

selling/buying of accounts this poor Iranian player could no longer play the

game. Here is a part of the conversation he had with the customer support:

His first ticket sent:

1st of all thank you for changing my character to elmoradian warrior.

But with ur new patch and that rule about regions, well as u can see on my registration info I'm a player

from Iran and i think u know that cuz of some some problems between governments we have no credit card in Iran like master or visa

or other staff so my older brother who lives in Germany was buying premium for me and during this new patch he cant log :S

I love this game and i wanna play with this way i can just buy bronze :S and its really hard to get xp with bronze

I want a platinum tell me what can i do ?


Reply from K2networks Customer support:

Thank you for contacting the Knight Online Customer Support Team.

I am sorry to hear that you are not able to access the Knight Online servers.

In an effort to improve our user?s overall experience; K2 Network and the Knight Online staff have been making enhancements to the game and servers.

With these changes certain IP ranges have had their access restricted.

Through our continued efforts we will be making adjustments as needed.

In order to resolve your issue please provide us with the country you will be logging into the Knight Online servers from.

As always, per our Terms of Service we do not support shared accounts.

Please be aware that this is a one-time only change to your account and we will not be able to make additional changes for your account in this respect.

Next ticket sent:


I wanna notice u again to read my last ticket as well pfff

Who said im sharing account ?!

I just said that we don't have any online payment on this country and its not my fault.

I wished lived in other country where i could at least have am online payment method.

By the way im saying again THIS ACCOUNT IS NOT SHARED , my brother who lives in germany is just buying premium for me cuz i cant :-s

Can u bring some KESN or some stuff to IRAN ?!

We are 4 players in iran that playing KOL

Please help us !

God bless u

Reply from K2networks Customer support:

Thank you for contacting Knight Online Customer Support.

However, it appears that your issue is billing related.

To better assist you with this issue, I have escalated your ticket to the billing department.

In the future, we ask that you submit any billing related tickets under the ‘Billing’ category.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Next ticket sent:

Give me some real help.

I've heard there is something by the name of KESN ?

That is special payment method for KOL is it right ?

So if it is tell me where in Germany i can buy them. Or in Iran ?

Reply from K2networks Customer support:

Thank you for contacting the K2 Payments Team regarding your request of a premium change.

Due to your request I have changed your Bronze Premium from 30 days to 8 days of Platinum Premium.

You will be able to renew your current Premium 10 days before expiration of the current Premium.

When you purchase the new premium, the 30 days will add up to the remaining days of the current premium.

Should you require any further assistance, please feel free to submit a new ticket and we will be happy to assist you.

We hope you continue to enjoy your experience in Knight Online!

K2Networks goes under the slogan "Gamers First" But as you can clearly see they don't give a rats ass about the customers. They just send their

automated replies and hopes they picked the correct one so their reputation won't get hurt. As a former Knight Online player

i strongly advise you not to download this game. It will only cause you pain in the end. Lost money, lost characters etc.

By the way. Visit the 2 unofficial Knight online forums if you want the players real opinion about K2networks and Knight online.

As any criticism on the official forum is censored.

Cheers, Aubrey.


  • bardiabardia Member Posts: 3

    so no1 wanna say anything ?

    hmmm nice forum 

  • khartokhar3khartokhar3 Member UncommonPosts: 486

    here are not many ppl on this forum playin this game

  • dusteybowlsdusteybowls Member Posts: 63

    This game is beyond crap anyways... :)

  • xxschlitzxxxxschlitzxx Member Posts: 11

    I agree customer service has always sucked but using words such  "cuzz  and pfff" in regards to writting a support ticket probably only produced a few laughs with the customer support staff. Very  imature writting sytle I have to assume a young player.  Never the less, k2 sucks always has always will.....

  • elchignoloelchignolo Member Posts: 15

    I played a bit, but I quit when I saw botters all over the place..... No point playing if cheaters are always the winners...


  • AznChimpAznChimp Member Posts: 35


    AznChimp and his other self ShigideyDawg

  • MaxleonidasMaxleonidas Member Posts: 12

    is this game any good?  i don't get it.  is it a turkish game?

  • khartokhar3khartokhar3 Member UncommonPosts: 486
    Originally posted by Maxleonidas

    is this game any good?  i don't get it.  is it a turkish game?


    it is a good game if u like pvp events. and no its not turkish but the majority of the players are turkish.

  • arctarusarctarus Member UncommonPosts: 2,581

    This game can be play by any country, except paragon server ive heard that will only allow english ip. Ive know a fren from brazil and a few auzzie from this game.

    Open seemless world with no instance, except when you port from the beginning leveling area to the rest of the world.

    I like it actually, that i can see all the mobs, from the lowest to the most powerful ones, from a distance... remember around with my friends exploring the whole world and seeing all the new mob. Very very nice....

    But really a super grind, especially when you reach level 61 i think, where all the exp you earn will reduce by half..... Dieing is truly unforgiven, losing tons of exp.... and yes tons of bots that the gm dont care and tons of turks spamming around ( nothing against the turks though).....


    RIP Orc Choppa

  • alikanka007alikanka007 Member Posts: 1

    it is wonderfull game

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