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Be very careful with the cash shop

wenfigwenfig Member Posts: 3

Rappelz is fun for a while.  It has nice grapics but the gameplay becomes a grindfest after you've leveled up.  Avoid the cashshop!  I used it and had 1500.00 stolen from my bank account.  Paypal investigated and found the game at fault, so they reversed the charges.  I still had to pay all of the overdraft fines though.  Rappelz insisted I give them back the money they stole and banned my account.  They also falsified a purchase history, but I had already saved a hardcopy before the altered it.  after being confronted with with their deceit, they erased the pages they had added.  Six months later they emailed me to tell me that they repaired my game account, but I have no interest in playing again.  I've learned my lesson.  I never use cash shops anymore.  The lesson costed me 750.00 of my own money.


  • FlaepruFlaepru Member Posts: 2

    Er... dude, I've purchased at gPotato CS a lot of times and I didn't have even a problem. Maybe you're just outta luck :X

  • wenfigwenfig Member Posts: 3

    Look at their forums.  Many people have similar complaints.  They were taking an extra 50.00 at intervals.  It wasn't until they hit my bank account 18 times in one weekend, that the bank notified me and froze the transactions.  I hadn't even been in Rappelz.  At this point, I started to look at  my purchase history.  I found out that they had beed taking little bits at a time.  I checked the forums and found that others had the same type of problem.

    BTW everyone who plays isn't a dude.  I'm a mom.

  • FlaepruFlaepru Member Posts: 2

    I didn't use dude as "guy", I used like, just to say XD

    But well, perhaps they're really having problems. And that's bad.

  • smexxysmexxy Member Posts: 1

    Wow, that is really scary. I never really trusted Gala-Net... They don't seem reliable at all. Too bad I played flyff until level 89 on a RingMaster... D:

    I never play their games anymore though.

  • wenfigwenfig Member Posts: 3

    At first I thought it was a paypal error, but when gaianet started making up stories and falsifying purchase history, I realised they were covering up something.  They first insisted that I purchased the items for my own account, so I sent them their own copies of my transactions and my inventory.  Then they said my son had done it.  I informed them that since the mediator was paypal, they would have no idea who was making the purchases.  All they would know is how much in which account.  Only paypal and the purchaser could verify their claim.  Then they said my account must have been hacked.  I explained that if that is what they feel happened, then I am not responsible for their loss.  I said I felt they did it.  Someone working for them was stealing from customers, which is why they have so many complaints about it.

    I sent them a copy of the letter that Paypal sent me, which said that their investigation showed that I did not make the purchases, so they were reversing the charges.  This made Gaianet angry, so they banned my account, my son's account and the account of a friend of his.  Since then, they have written that they have restored my account as best as they could and that I would be allowed to play again.  I told them to shove it where the sun doesn't shine.  Not only will I not play any game of theirs, but that I would continue to warn others.

    I learned an expensive lesson.

  • PinturicchioPinturicchio Member UncommonPosts: 36

    I buy alot of gpotatos and never happends any wierd to me....

  • GuitanoGuitano Member Posts: 208

    gpotato are a bunch of washed up fools. Why even play any of their sloppy left over asian mmo's? Would be a cold day in hell before I gave gpotato a dime. I have read so many horror stories from people who got fked by gpotato by using the item mall.

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