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What class and race are u going to be in AOC

ill probaly be a soldier or rogue type i have no idea on race yet.


  • jus10datljus10datl Member Posts: 45

    For some reason I almost want to be the least popular class... just so I'll be rare

  • superheartssuperhearts Member Posts: 11

    ok thats good i say that might be barbarian but who knows

  • gantonganton Member UncommonPosts: 304

    Aquilonian, ranger or assassin, is what I am thinking of at the moment, however we will see once it is released, also the fileplanet beta I got into will help me decide

  • superheartssuperhearts Member Posts: 11

    ok i have thinked being a stygien or something


    to conan

  • cyanncyann Member Posts: 73

    Herald of Xotli or Tempest of Set but.... i love 2w too so maybe I will make Conqueror too, do not know yet.

    1 character it will HoX probably, I always loved idea of fighting mage, weak point is 2handed weapon, I dislike it, it does not fit to me.  Each class has some +`s and -`s , most important thing is enjoying of gamestyle.

  • superheartssuperhearts Member Posts: 11

    oh i forgot to post b4 what is the most thing in aoc u are looking 4ward to myns pvp/mini games/drunken brawl


    to conan to zeus to meto the dwarfs then turn

  • superheartssuperhearts Member Posts: 11

    Cyann thats right gaming style is the thing


    TO the and the and u will be like this

  • KetsumKetsum Member UncommonPosts: 5

    the issue I have is what to play as main... cause honestly I can't look at any of the classes and say I wouldn't play that....


    I'm a sucker for a melee healer though... I almost always end up playing a healer in MMOs cause I like to have a solid value to a group and I tend to gear them out to be more combative than your average healer is anyway.

    the problem is if I go bear shaman am I going to get bored cause I'll be doing teh same thing I always bloody do.

    I'm thinking I'll try a mage or ranger... I so rarely play a ranged character and I do kinda like being able to blow stuff up.

    Plus cause this melee system is new and shiny I'm thinking mages and ranged DPS is going to be a bit less common cause everyone will be going fighters... and I prefer taking the path less travelled.

  • superheartssuperhearts Member Posts: 11

    ok well if u play as a healer alot i do recamend  ranger or assasian.

    to no one cause u will get into a then u will then someone will see u then i will be and then someone will u will be   and i will say and then come and u


  • superheartssuperhearts Member Posts: 11

    if u are all going to comment my scinrios with the faces do so nowt



    there once was a man he was he to conan conan was taken by a and a he came back to earth  he saw that was he had on hes was ugly then he started i was then i had a i had to give him a he i was then a came i i started fishing then a fish i was i turned and i hes head i was the end

  • superheartssuperhearts Member Posts: 11

  • superheartssuperhearts Member Posts: 11

    sorry about that i will stop


  • TalemireTalemire Member UncommonPosts: 782

    Aquilonian Dark Templar. Melee, spell DPS, lifetap heals, and shields ftw. It's right down my alley

    MMORPGs are great to look forward to after a hard day of work, but heaven is the ultimate reward for those who live Christ-like.

  • superheartssuperhearts Member Posts: 11

    ok im going to be a ranger or a guardian

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