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I like the game but the item mall hurts my wallet...

LiddokunLiddokun Member UncommonPosts: 1,665

The stuff are kinda expensive. US$20 bucks gets your 2160 points or roughly US$1 = 108 points.

Regular Pet tokens = 598 points = $5.53 (1 random regular level 1 pet)

Extra inventory space bags (5 slot ea. max: 2 for 10 extra slot) = 549 points = $5.08 x 2  or $10.08 (for the 2)

Special edition pet token = 1149 points = $10.63 each

Permanent costumes = 1249 points = $11.56 each

Baby Big bonus badge (increase xp / loot by 50%) = 175 points = $1.62 each (last for 24 hours)

Big Bonus badge (increase xp / loot by 100%) = 298 points = $2.75 each (last for 24 hours)

If you use the Big Bonus Badge every day for 30 days the item mall will cost you $82.50

Although if you buy the $50 points package you get 5700 points which translates to $1 = 114

or $2.61 for each big bonus badge or  $78.30 for 30 days worth of badges.



  • HellmarauderHellmarauder Member Posts: 178

    It isn't bad at all.  I, for example, never bother with xp badge and such.  $20 USD is all I've spent on this game so far (for one costume & 2 regular pets back in Dec.'07) and have no plan to spend more.  Special edition pets are just regular pets with different colors, in case someone is wondering.


    But by playing in-game economy and selling harvested materials/crafted goods, I've made enough in-game-gold to buy my two characters 4 biggie bags (for maximum inventory expansion), 3 sets of permanent costumes, and one love egg pet.  Yea, I owe big thanks to those willing to spend big bucks buying item mall stuffs and resell them in game.   


    Community wise, not too many complaints on the item mall prices.  The biggest problem right now is the inventory/vault wipe glitch, which randomly hits and can make unequipped items in bank or inventory disappear.  This is the biggest game killer atm.  Many ppl, myself included, have fallen victims to this glitch and aren't playing for fear that it will strike again.   Meanwhile, Aeria has been very slow in refunding AP and compensating our loss.  Hope dev will fix this damn glitch soon so I can get back to this game.

  • LiddokunLiddokun Member UncommonPosts: 1,665

    I read about the glitch on the forums, aeriagames can't do anything about it and is pretty much at the mercy of the taiwanese developer Softstar to fix the problem. Well I do hope they fix the game and give us all the latest content patches (that includes new class like fencer, witchdoctor and dancer).

  • nightwing70nightwing70 Member Posts: 142

    Then don't buy anything from it?

  • WTFoxWTFox Member Posts: 2

    like nightwing said, you don't HAVE to buy something i mean i've never really bought stuff from online games. Cash shops ruin games. Made me stop playing alot of games because they wer getting too Fancy. Like maple story i was playing from closed beta but i quit playing soon after they started the cash shop thing massively.


  • allaryinallaryin Member Posts: 2

    If you're too cheap to want to pay to play the game, you don't have to ;)

    But in all seriousness, DOMO's cash shop really is 100% optional. The only items they sell other than costumes and consumable buffs are the pet tokens and bags... which you can buy from other players with in-game currency.

    People are always selling level 1 pet eggs.

  • WTFoxWTFox Member Posts: 2

    That has nothing to do with cheap my friend i play alotta Games. Mainly Console games That i bought. By alot i mean Alot. You cant judge ppl like that.


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