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Prison Tale 2 for game list

sumujisumuji Member Posts: 54

Korean sequel to a popular game. It's either released in Korea now or in open beta and scheduled to be launching in North America with a publisher already in line. It's Lineage II caliber with the newer goodies and pay to play so it will make the list eventually but why wait when English speaker are eager to talk about it now?  =)


Korean site-

English site is about ready to go up I think. People have claimed to see it up from time to time but they are obviously still working on it because it goes up and down. Don't know this url.


  • jay963jay963 Member Posts: 33

    ya I agree

  • phatpeteyphatpetey Member Posts: 323

    Hmm, don't think they will add this game to the games list because the developement isn't far enough maybe in a couple of months when then closed beta begins. But for now I wouldn't hope for it. And by the way the game isn't called prison tale it's called pristontale with a T of Teeth. !


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