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Old player coming back, need some input.

starscream76starscream76 Member Posts: 25


I played L2 from its release up until C3 and decided to leave from burnout.  Now over a year later I am signing back up.  It was first MMO and it has a special place for me as just a really cool world with lots of great action and drama.  Need some advice seeing how things have changed since I was last involved with L2.  I am looking at playing a Necro or one of the summoners, my original toons were a WC and SR so I am trying to go in a bit of a different direction. Are necros still good at pvp?  Also, I did play on Kain but this is a fresh start and I have no access to any of my former account stuff, so is Bartz the way to go for a generally higher server population?  Oh and how is that new race kamael, look like daggers that can debuff fromt he little I can tell.  Any advice would be mucho appreciated! 


  • RenithRenith Member Posts: 145

    Hello Starscream,

    Actually there is a new european server launching in 5 days, server transfers are not available in the beginning so I 'd say thats an easy start. Bartz is certainly more populated than Kain but I can't find any graphs showing the exact population per server so whether it's a huge difference or not, is a question I cannot answer for you.

    As for playing a Necromancer, yes they are still strong, although they got slightly nerfed in the latest update. All mages now hit a random damage (like ranging from 800 to 1100 for example) , instead of always the same. Magic crit rates are slightly reduced too (when buffed). Afaik about summoners, Phantom summoners get death spike, that 's all I can tell cause I have never been really interested in summoners. I have never played Kamael myself, so someone else has to answer that question for you. Alot of things have changed between chronicle 3 and now, so I guarantee it's worth taking a look.



  • EllyrionEllyrion Member Posts: 193

    Welcome back :)

    What was your characters name on Kain ? and which clan did u belong to? Lots of old timers are coming back so there is a chance you might run into someone you knew...As you will no doubt remember Kain is one of the more "Machiavellian" L2  servers. In 3 years of game time, not much has changed in that department. Having said that many clans have come and gone and some are still around :)

    To answer your questions more directly though, yes Necros are still very good at PvP as are the summoners. They are not as tough as they used to be because their summons can now be banished by EEs and Bishops. This makes them very vulnerable to those classes in 1 v 1, not to mention the MP drain skills of those 2 classes which effectively makes them the two most dangerous opponents for 1 v 1 PvP. You will need to come up with a different strategy to battle EEs and Bishops. For other classes there's not that much change WRT overall strategies, however, you will need to modify your tactics in line with the significant changes to all class skills over the last 3 chronicles.

    The Kamael are fun indeed and they are a fine addition to the melee and ranged DD pool. They are somewhat fragile in 1 v 1 due to inbuilt vulnerabilities, however, they do well in group PvP and PvE. Their DPS is solid and they have a lot of nifty new skills to entertain players. They are different from daggers and are less random in their lethality. There is still not enough high level Kamael within our alliance to comment further on their effectiveness. I'll post some more observations as they progress.

    Overall though there have been numerous changes to the game since C3 and in some respects most have been good. The seesawing of trying to balance the classes continues but in all fairness they haven't done a bad job of it thusfar. Effectively the char you created in Prelude is largely able to do what they were designed for. Lots of incredible powerups coming out with Kamael Plus and subsequently with Gracia the 2nd Throne. If what I read from the translations is true then it appears that they are handing back melee to the melee classes!!! This is a fundamental adjustment which has been missing from the outset of the game. It will really change the way this game is played especially for sieges.

    From a clan perspective there has been a significant shift in the balance of power to structured clans. The new game engine construct of the clan reputation point (CRP) system allows clan leaders to utilise raid boss dropped components along with both PvP and PvE bases rewards to provide their clan with passive power ups which effectively mimic buffs. They're not as powerful as full buffs but as you increase their level their effect becomes quite significant.  Similarly,  there is a fair bit of very challenging group content throughout some very high level dungeons sprinkled around. They often require experienced and well equipped groups to overcome but time flies when you focus on just trying to stay alive ;) P.

    If you're high enough (78+) you can try your hand at some of the latest zones like the Isle of Prayer. One of the positive spin offs for casual players has been the addition of this duo area. This is where you can only have 2 groupped chars, and you will be overwhelmed by the mobs if you have more. Its a lucrative zone atm until its patched in Kamael Plus and has its augumentation stone drop rate significantly reduced. A good way to boost your cashflow whilst there is still a market frenzy on augumentation stones.


    Anyway enjoy your return.


    Ellyrion Fiallathandriel


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