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LydonLydon Member UncommonPosts: 2,936

Just wondering about StarQuest's community, as I'd like to give it a try. Basically I'd just like to know around how many players there are and whether the community is mature or not.



  • caemsgcaemsg Member Posts: 105

    well im not sure how many players we have but it is not a large community perhaps around 300-1000 players buy i cant be sure about that im probably way off since there are not many in my timezone and it is a guess

    and overall the community is pretty mature we just dont have the numbers yet to drown out the occasional spammer and or trouble maker

  • LydonLydon Member UncommonPosts: 2,936

    Ah cool. Is there enough people online at a time to consider it a "MMO experience" yet? By that I mean do you run into people at least every now and then? :D

  • caemsgcaemsg Member Posts: 105

    depends if you play fleet you have no option but to play with other people but if you chose to play as a civilian you can chose to join or create a crew or company or what ever you want or you can play solo

    also i think it is impossible to not interact with other players and if its possible not to interact with others even indirectly you would have to try pretty hard

    ultimately its your choice if you want to play with others its not hard to find them and if you want to play solo just play solo

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