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Need help =[

BlueTheoryBlueTheory Member Posts: 4

Ok, so im pretty bored with my life and have been touring around the internet for free mmorpgs to play, i have run through a few games but Cabal stood out the most, so i downloaded it, got all exited, finished the installation, ran the game, and got kicked off..hazzah.

So thats the problem, everytime i start the game, it kicks me off, i havent even got the chance to login yet...thought i got really close to choosing a server...

Can anyone help me? I live in the US if thats a problem..but the download ran smoothly.


Thx for support ahead of time.


  • lingceapucklingceapuck Member UncommonPosts: 32

    cabal europe is not for US(regional ip ban)

    OG planet is hosting Cabal for US

    you might want to try there

  • PyrostasisPyrostasis Member UncommonPosts: 2,293

    google Cabal Online, I believeits the second link.

  • BlueTheoryBlueTheory Member Posts: 4

    I downloaded the game from OGplanet =], but my computer genuinly hates me so yea.

    But im gunna try the google download.


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