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After Knight Online...what will you play ?

ArawonArawon Member Posts: 1,108

and why ?


  • khartokhar3khartokhar3 Member UncommonPosts: 486

    i already quited from the game and now playin 2moons, perfect world and test other f2p games but actually im waitin for warhammer, aoc and aion.

    why i play somethin else then ko?...look on other threats in this forum then u know

  • cracker6cracker6 Member Posts: 32

    im also playing some 2moons right now (lvl 48 summoner) and i'm waiting for warhammer to come out. i only play the games with good pvp cuz i hate pve and all that raiding crap. but for now im mostly into fps games till war comes out; im playing call of duty 4 and cs 1.6

  • cjlouiscjlouis Member Posts: 26

    I want to be a handsome knight with a powerful sword. My white horse take me to explore unknown world and kill the mobs who stand in my way. meanwhile I also want to make some friends who would go in the same way with me. we help each other and fight together, finally we become heros that help the weak ones and kill the mobs.

  • yotamitayotamita Member UncommonPosts: 2

    I already quited playing, my character got hacked when I was at level 63 and I lost all my items and money, so I just stopped playing and now I am playing Rappelz which is a great game!

  • crunchyblackcrunchyblack Member Posts: 1,362

    lol i played this game for the trial period JUST to see if what everyone in this forum writes about is true, i want my wasted day playing it back lol, couldnt even finish out my trial premium pass, whatever they guy who posted 10 things he hates about the game is so true

  • supersegmentsupersegment Member Posts: 2

    I quited playing it two months ago. And I also play it for free by using trails.

    I found nothing outstanding in this game~

  • supersegmentsupersegment Member Posts: 2

    And this time I began to play Shadowbane, Rapples etc. The remarks of them are quite good. I am willing to have a try.

  • NagelFireNagelFire Member Posts: 409


    Is this game p2p now?  It was f2p when I was playing for sure..


  • yotamitayotamita Member UncommonPosts: 2

    they say its f2p, they right it is .. but if you will not buy premium account  or anything else you just cant log into game .. there are too many people in and it will say that you are non premium account user or something .. so its actually something like p2p.

  • gameoflife91gameoflife91 Member Posts: 3

    i agree, you need to pay to really play, you cant pvp unless you pay because servers are always packed

  • heartdowningheartdowning Member Posts: 2

    I still want to play 2D MMORPG game which is free and popular. some game like SOL is really a good choice, hope you all can  choose it.

  • MrRawrMrRawr Member Posts: 8

    There were two version of Knight Online. The oh-so-much-better Malaysian version which closed and the U.S. version which is owned by greedy people. They make it so that if you don't pay you can only connect at around 12:30 p.m. GMT -5 and after that . Anything before or around that time can take you a long time to connect. around 2:30 is becomes easy to get into server 2 and around 5:30 or 6:00 you can get in server 1.

    Either way, I played Knight Online and still do sometimes but I'm playing Runescape. The graphics do suck but my friend plays it so I do too :)

  • themodestthemodest Member Posts: 1

    It takes ages to lvl up. You can spend years for gathering good gear. A very small map, imbalanced experience and drops from mobs. The poorest customer support i ever saw in any game. A very greedy firm "k2 network". Several years passed by with cheating beyond imagination. Very bad player profile, scammers and disrespectfull ppl. I lost maybe years of hard work in it.

    So what keeps me still playing?

    I just like to run ven pk. And the pvp system in it is something i could not find in other games (after trying like 20 other games) and thats the only fun side of knight online.

    If you didnt taste this crap stay away.

    There are some remarkable games within the ones i tried. One is Rappelz and the other is Archlord. I'm also interested in AOC. And if Bioware codes a nice star wars mmorpg i'll give it a try.

  • GerryStyleZzGerryStyleZz Member Posts: 3
    hello (ko_babalanguage (slm babas))
    ok, this is my story of Knight Online, I played the beta (ares) and swichted also to the final version (ares), i played a huge time there (2years+), than i did decite to quit becouse it really did take month/years to get lvl 80.
    So on i played WoW, 2moons, Flyff, Kabal-Online and MU online. But really did guess what? Iam back on Knight Online. The pvp there is the best i ever seen. All other games are also nice of Story or History. But the PvP on Ko is great! And yes about the f2p<--
    those is the worst status on that game, just take a look on all month premiums you can choose. Platin, Gold, Silver and Bronze, if you don't got any of those you aren't be able to login that game...
    So far i did buy Platin and omg K2 really changed something, to hit lvl 80 is possible, i started on logos new 4 month ago and iam already lvl 77 and really nice geared. If someone of you guys need help on logos, just pm me my name is GerryStyleZz and iam Leader of Art0fwar.
    thx for read
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