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Check out VO!

fischsemmelfischsemmel Member UncommonPosts: 364

I saw a screenshot of Vendetta Online on the MMO main site yesterday and wondered "Hmm, what game is this? I've never seen this kind of screenie before."

So I googled for VO's main site and read a tad, then downloaded the game and started the free trial (it's a quick download, very quick account setup, quick install. you've got almost nothing to lose!).

VO is pretty entertaining (which is saying quite a bit from me... I'm usually pretty darn critical). For those of you who have played Elite and Eve... it's kind of a cross between the two.


I've only been playing for a couple hours, I'll admit, but I've been having fun. For anyone who might be interested in a small, twitch-based sci-fi MMO, check out VO. The community is close-knit, there's some pve, some pvp, some rp... give it a shot :)


  • MiexonMiexon Vendetta Online CorrespondentMember Posts: 181

    Cool, glad to see another member to the game. Been a lot of new players lately. Hopefully the trend keeps up. There has been some crazy border skirmish stuff going on!!!

    Member of the Phoenix Alliance Guild
    in Vendetta Online

  • verbitamverbitam Member Posts: 2

    This game definitely has potential to get alot more players and to become a big game.

    I recently had this major urge to start playing MMO's again after i had had quite a break from them.

    I started searching MMORPG.com looking for some good ones and stumbled upon this game. I got the free trail and upgraded almost straight away.

    I pretty much haven't stopped playing it since.

    Excellent game

    i definitely recommend  it to anyone looking for a good MMO.

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