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Fury Gameplay Guides & Links (recommended reading for newcomers)

A55A5INA55A5IN Member Posts: 175


Unleash The Fury!



New Player Guide by Dolmur

Avatar Movement Speed

Bloodbath Game Type Details

Cancellation Abilities and Buffs

Combat Mechanics

Charges – Aligned Magnitude Increases and Opposed Magnitude Decreases

Charge Manipulation Guide by Hex

Defensive Stance Defense Bonus (Multiple Opponent Defense)

Hostile Act Hit Rate (Probability of Success)

*updated links*



All the latest news, downloads, developments, and patchnotes can be found here.

How To Upgrade From Chosen

What Is Fury?

Comparison Of Fury Account Types (Chosen, Hero, Immortal)

Official Basic Play Guide

Player Statistics and Ladders

Official Fury Manual (Download PDF : 3.39Mb)



Currently being upgraded. New official Fury forums should be back up in January 2008.


Fury Wiki Site


Download the FIBrillator.

Offline build planner program for Fury (free download, Fury installation required).

Fury Ratemybuild site

You can use this to plan your build online (browser based, free, registration required).




Unleash The Fury (cinematic)

Fury Storyline video

Fury Trailer 2007

School Of Life

School Of Death

School OF Growth

School Of Decay


(Note the old Customer Support site linked in the manual has moved to the following url)


If you are interested in playing Fury, please take some time to get familiar with the basics of the game first.

Click the image for the Fury Manual (PDF 3.39Mb).


  • hellsonixhellsonix Member Posts: 8

    Useful links!



  • SadSurferSadSurfer Member UncommonPosts: 67

    Awesome, I missed a ton of these articles and the links all work for me. Missed the stuff about the forums down but hope they are back up soon.

    @Hellsonix - thanks for bumping ^^


  • A55A5INA55A5IN Member Posts: 175

    Bump as I updated the first post with more links.

    Maybe this could get stickied?

  • A55A5INA55A5IN Member Posts: 175

    Added new Customer Support and Fury Manual PDF download links.

  • mike470mike470 General CorrespondentMember Posts: 2,396

    Nice post...Very helpful :)

    In memory of Laura "Taera" Genender. Passed away on Aug/13/08 - Rest In Peace; you will not be forgotten

  • LukainLukain Member UncommonPosts: 591

    Can't access http://unleashthefury.com/  site down ? & Fansite no longer exists , does this game still exist at all ?



  • A55A5INA55A5IN Member Posts: 175

    Possibly a problem on your end as the site seems to be working.

    Could have been temporarily down.


    The fansite seems to be down at the moment yes...I'll suspend the link in the OP of this thread till they sort it out.

    Meanwhile any questions, leave them here & thanks for pointing out the currently dead fansite link.

  • A55A5INA55A5IN Member Posts: 175

    Download The FIBrillator version 1.6.

    Links updated.

    Essential tool for build planning in Fury.

    (free download, usable offlline but Fury installation required).

  • A55A5INA55A5IN Member Posts: 175

    Added fansite link:


    If you need any tips on how to play your class theres some folks over there who are willing to discuss tactics and builds. Check it out!

  • A55A5INA55A5IN Member Posts: 175

    April 1st (not a joke)


    'Winners are Grinners' patch.


    Read the full statement from Bossman HERE...

    Visit this link to get the download locations for the FULL INSTALL or just the PATCH UPDATE.


    Also note that the Old Fury public forums are now BACK ONLINE.



  • A55A5INA55A5IN Member Posts: 175

    Big news on the official forums...read the official statement from Bossman HERE.


    As indicated in previous posts, we are working on delivering the gameplay changes you have been requesting. We are making Fury a competitive, level playing field and this will require a number of significant changes.


    One of the key things that needs to happen in order for Fury to succeed, is we need to regain the trust of the community. Talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words, so to earn your trust we need to deliver results. However we need to begin by discussing our options to make sure we agree on the path forward (no more AotC surprises - Cam and I are still here, and we admit we made mistakes but we are ready to move on).

    We’re going to start off by introducing our plans for the new level playing field designed for (and by) competitive players. This starts with two major areas for discussion:

    1. Ability overhaul – simplify the set of abilities and ensure players have meaningful choices

    2. Armor & Equipment overhaul – provide armor that works in conjunction with the abilities (and without procs)

    Cam will be introducing our plans in more detail in the Suggestions forum and we look forward to reading your feedback and working with you to get the mix of abilities and armor right. You will also have the opportunity to help us design new starter Archetype/Incarnations which we know have bugged many of you since beta.

    Once we have these details addressed we will move on to discussions about new/existing game types, crafting, business model, time frames and so on.

    We can dwell on the past or look forward to the future. We have [hopefully] learned from our past mistakes and encourage you to participate in this process to help us ensure the future of Fury is a long and prosperous one.

    As a sign that we are serious about getting things right and acting on your feedback, we will be making two changes to 4 v 4 Elimination for this weekend.

    (i) We will turn bots off, so all 4v4 games will be human only

    (ii) we will release a small patch which will turn off armor procs for 4v4 only.

    Please give us your general feedback here and more specific comments in the detail threads on the Suggestions forum.






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