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Is there a game like knight online

SakuriSakuri Member Posts: 1

If there is a game thats like knight online can someone please tell me, I just like their pvp, I been playing this game to long and its time to move on to something different.


  • DillusionalDillusional Member Posts: 6

    If you don't mind playing, World of Warcraft.

  • cccttvvcccttvv Member Posts: 6

    yeah ,you could try to play zu-online

  • khartokhar3khartokhar3 Member UncommonPosts: 486

    i tried the most of the mmos but i never seen one  with the same pvp system like ko (also zuonline and wow are not as good as ko in pvp)

  • xxschlitzxxxxschlitzxx Member Posts: 11

    For someone to say that wow or zu is even close to the pvp system that KO has not spent very much time with KO.  I have 2 years of experience  top lvl 80 charwith KO and have never seen any mmowith even close to the same system.   The best pvp players in ko must be able to master the traditional mmo styles but aslo requires game console expereince.  Being able to avoid characters and just simply  putting combos together that arent written on any instruction paper.   Sadly, K2 is the worst host to this great game. The horrible customer support and game management eventually pushed me away.  

           If anyone ...anyone can name one mmo with the same pvp system I ll drop everything to dl......(and no its def not wow.)

  • heartdowningheartdowning Member Posts: 2

    I know a game that is also MMORPG,  the game  has been on my schedule for three months when it has improved a lot.

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