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Does anyone play any intstruments?

NjaARdNjaARd Member Posts: 27

Well.. Does anyone here play any instruments, I play the guitar (although i'm not very good)


I my own religion.. xD


  • DraenorDraenor Member UncommonPosts: 7,918

    I play a little bit of harmonica, though I haven't been practicing lately, this summer I'm going to get back into it.

    Your argument is like a two legged dog with an eating disorder...weak and unbalanced.

  • LaserwolfLaserwolf Member Posts: 2,383

    The Violin, It's been 9 years, I wasn't very good when I did play, and I have since completely forgotten how to read music.


  • JackcoltJackcolt Member UncommonPosts: 2,170

    I play Guitar and drums. Mostly guitar though...


  • KhuzarrzKhuzarrz Member Posts: 578

    Drums by passion and profession.

    Guitar and bass by necessity.

    Keys by desire...


    Oh, and vocals in my dreams ;)

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