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Lots of People still play?

iMMORPGiMMORPG Member Posts: 54

Was thinking bout downloading this and was wondering if lots of people still play?



Played: WoW, EVE, EQ, DDO, LoTRO, RoM, FFXI, Guild Wars, WAR, RuneScape, 2029 Online.
Currently Playing: RoM.
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  • CleffyIICleffyII Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 3,440

    Ragnarok Online has alot better lasting appeal then alot of mmos.  Many of the people who played in 2004 are still playing now.  So I would say its at around 3000-5000 per server.  Ontop of this the majority are actually players now with the bot-prevention Gravity rescently implemented.  There are very little bots in the game.


  • scrawnehscrawneh Member Posts: 220

    You should give it a try. Check out's forum, or to get in on class guides and perhaps get into a guild through one of the many guild recruitment threads.

    I've just recently resubscribed to the game, and while some spots that previously used to be filled with people are now forsaken, if you get into a nice guild you'll come to the places that do have people in them : )

  • Acees88Acees88 Member Posts: 132

    So there are still alot of ppl playing this game?


    So this game hasnt lost many players at all?


  • GameloadingGameloading Member UncommonPosts: 14,182

    No, Ragnarok Online has one of the most loyal fanbase in mmo gaming. the population barely dropped over the past few years.

  • CzzarreCzzarre Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 3,742

    Ragnarok has a very loyal following. Plenty of people still prefer this game to many of the newer MMORPGs


  • brokenrulebrokenrule Member Posts: 6

    Originally posted by Gameloading

    No, Ragnarok Online has one of the most loyal fanbase in mmo gaming. the population barely dropped over the past few years.

    I second that!!! Ive been playing RO for ages and switching pass many games like WoW, Guild Wars, and so on AND STILL! sooner or later! I come back to RO!!! And honestly

    I play a privte server because I dont have the money for a real one, xD but with only playing Pservers I always keep coming back it makes me wounder how fun the real ones are xDDD (Plans joining the real server like next year? once I get a credit card XDDDDD)

  • CzzarreCzzarre Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 3,742

    Ive noticed that a lot of the older MMORPGs have found a very happy medium with a lower population. Those that remain are fiercly loyal to the game and just play it to have fun. Not as much in fighting and drama as with new or "hot" MMORPGs.

    MMORPGs are like a fine wine, many improve with age.


  • hotpiehotpie Member Posts: 191

    One of the best and still around, I think.

  • LordZeikLordZeik Member UncommonPosts: 276

    The reason people will play... Won't be for supreme graphics or for a new mmo trend. Fact is I can safely say regardless of where I play this game and how much time has changed there will always be something new to it. I can't say the same for a majority of mmorpgs I've played that are still around. I might see one or two new maps in another game but two things are usually constant. The player base dwindled dramatically from when I first played, and theres no real reason for me to continue playing. While with ragnarok they are still expanding. Take for instance the Infinity(endless) tower. Or the next set of classes they are planning to release over this next year. Most games are run by companies who only run the right to operate the game and update when they are given the green light. With Ragnarok depending where you play this isn't a problem. Hell how many games that are mmorpgs can you safely say had their own anime, have their own mini side scroller offline game and a number of other spin offs based on a great game. Sure you may get bored after a few months of playing and put it on the shelf, but hey down the road you will know theres changes to the game given the flow of updates and gladly pick it up again for awhile to see whats new. So, yeah this game is worth downloading especially if its your first time playing RO. Just hope RO2 turns out to be as good as the first.

  • ro2wowro2wow Member Posts: 2

    I am still play RO, this is the best MMORPG that I've ever played.

  • SIL3NT-DE4THSIL3NT-DE4TH Member Posts: 23

    i have been playing ro since closed beta. the game till draws me to play it.

  • DESOULDESOUL Member Posts: 17
    Well the game did lose some players like me, but its really more apealing than most MMO's like somebody above said and i often have second toughts about giving it a tenth go >_<
  • Fayt22Fayt22 Member Posts: 2

    Dude I assure you this game is the first and best online game I have ever played in my entire life! Yea graphics aren't so much the best and plus you can't change your chars looks except for the weapon and headgears. That isn't the main point, there are lots of quests to do, you can enjoy a good party with friends, and plus you have lots of fun in WoE (War of Emperium).

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