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Creative Goes After Driver Modder

gnomexxxgnomexxx Member Posts: 2,920




I have had nothing but problems with my SoundBlaster card that I bought and Vista.  I finally gave up and pulled the card out.  I felt like smashing it to tiny pieces, but decided not to hoping that new drivers would solved the problem.  They actually did release a new set of drivers a couple of weeks ago but they turned out to be worse than the ones before.  Much worse.

So there is this guy who tries to help people out by writing better drivers than Creative can.  Their response, go after the guy.  I swear, I thought that there was a time when Creative stuff was good.  Now I'm convinced it's all crap.  And from what I've hear their support and driver releases have become crap as well.  After reading all this I'm done with them.  I am literally going to finish writing this and then head out the door to buy a different brand.  This kind of stuff from big companies makes me so sick sometimes.  It's like they hide behind their corporation and leave the customers waiting.  I just thought I was getting a good sound card when I bought my X-Fi Gamer, but nyah! 


Posted by ScuttleMonkey on Saturday March 29, @07:33AM

from the shame-on-you-creative dept.

FreedomFighter writes "Since the release of Windows Vista, Creative has promised their Sound Cards as being 'Vista Ready'. Unfortunately, as many unlucky customers did discover, this is not true. What the users actually found were buggy, feature crippled drivers. Creative insisted that features such as Decoding of Dolby® Digital and DTS(TM) signals and DVD-Audio which worked fine in WinXP, would not work on windows Vista. With Creative releasing less than one new driver a year, things seemed bleak. Fortunately, a talented user, Daniel_K, was recently able to 'fix' many of the drivers, enabling the incompatible features and also fixing many bugs. Just today Creative has decided to put a stop to this. They removed all links to his modified drivers, and banned several users who were posting links to the now banned drivers."



  • MunkiMunki Member CommonPosts: 2,128

    When I learnt about this a while back, I returned my new soundcard... I wont be buying from them in the future.


    after 6 or so years, I had to change it a little...

  • gnomexxxgnomexxx Member Posts: 2,920

    It seems this is making bad times for Creative.  I'm having a really hard time feeling sorry for them and their shitty support though.  




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