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I like it.

DraqDraq Member Posts: 297

Someone has to say it. Ilike this game. It has much less grind than any other korean mmo I've seen. The skill system is fairly unique, even if it is guild wars-ish. The music is good, too. The graphics are a tad cutesy and sometimes outright flamboyant but tolerable. I dare say this beats Ragnarok Online by a long shot. However I'm only level 16, things might change.



  • ZikielZikiel Member Posts: 1,138

    People seem to rag on this one a lot.. They really shouldn't, it's pretty fun. I'm only lvl 9 right now, seems like this one hasn't found a good niche yet. Anyway, people have always had too much focus on graphics.. I won't compare this to Ragnarok yet, I'm gonna give it more of a try.

  • vss3rdvss3rd Member Posts: 41

    i have had terrible trouble with iggs support

    -but my problem seems a bit unique


    i made my igg acct back when all they had was mythwar

    -but something went horribly wrong with my acct


    the pw retreive does not work *sends a blank email* :)

    -the secret question is blank..and thus unanswerable :)


    so i tried several times to get help

    -going even so far as to ask them to DELETE my acct

    -so i can remake it


    i have been referrred to 'management' three*3* times

    -i have 'heard' from management ZERO*0* times


    does any1 here have an inside scoop..and can maybe help me ? :)

    **i kno its a long shot..but if you dont try there is no chance of success :)**


    to answer the inevitable Qs that will come up

    -i only played MW for about 30 chars have nothing

    -i was not banned

    -and no i dont want to make a new addy and acct

    -i have an alt acct..but i would rather use my MAIN gaming addy

    **which is in the bugged acct**


    fixing this problem SHOULD be ez for tech support

    -or management..who have techs at their beckNcall

    **ppl ive never gotten to talk to**


    i have never had such an impossible situation ever before

    -and i played anarchy online for almost 2 years :)

    -and EQ..and DAOC..and every game you can name


    its odd really..that deleting my acct could be so difficult

    *sighs lightly*



  • rasukarasuka Member Posts: 1

    Well I happen to love this game a lot. It's amazing! I mean I've only played it like to a max of like three times and I think that this game is fantastic. Most of the other games are really just boring after all because after playing a couple times it does get kinda boring.... This one has it's good cute characters so I suppose I like it better than the others =) <3

  • FeverfewFeverfew Member Posts: 120

    well i wasnt even going to give it a chance but your comments make me want i will,ill give my feedback after ive given it a good try


  • freeleefreelee Member Posts: 102

      to be honesty ,i played it a month ago, but i don't like it very much. but my friends say it's very interesting. may be, i shouldn't have uninstalled it at early time..

  • stevejeesstevejees Member Posts: 14

    Personally I just see nothing to complain about. The art is beautiful, the crafting system is pretty solid, the item mall is dirt cheap (10 bucks for a new character slot is about as high as it goes), the classes are well formed and there exists the possibility of creating a hybrid class (most aren't good), lots of armor and weapons, PD system adds to appearance customization, the pets are great and customizable, the mounts are awesome (and you can fight while on them. Suck that, WoW), the music is fun to listen to, the community is friendly, and the GM's and online support are EXTREMELY helpful. One of the online support people added me to her MSN in case I had any other questions. The GM's regularly hand out rare item, like Double XP cards, during events. The PvP in game is well developed but there aren't enough players so far to take advantage of it, since the game just came out of Beta.

    Anyway people need to quit hating this game, it's not half as bad as they say.  Better constructed than WoW? Maybe not, but definitely more FUN than WoW in short bursts.

  • xingxiuxingxiu Member Posts: 6

    It is so cute,although I don't have much time to enjoy it:(

  • mingming2446mingming2446 Member Posts: 4

    Someone has to say it. Ilike this game.

  • peijiepeijie Member Posts: 6

     yeah, the music is good, I like it

  • AimeeAimee Member Posts: 1

    It is so cute,i like ~~

  • The_AOThe_AO Member Posts: 3

    As everyone will see this would be post number 2 for myself.  Ironically both posts have been about IGG.  Please dont read into this as Im disgruntled and want to see IGG crash; that is not the case at all.  I would much rather IGG get some understanding on how to make things a little bit better, since they hate listening to any suggestions....

    Hands down the games they have do indeed contain great graphics, gameplay is awesome and minimum system requirements allow the games to operate.  However, and as much as I hate for this to sound like im "bashing" the company, im not trying to.  IGG's security has always been an issue, as outlined in my previous post.  Just in the last week, Mythwar Online's forum got hacked and will not be back until after this server merging is complete.  2 years and twice that Mythwar's homepage has been compromised due to hacking.  Do you feel safe yet?  Still think that you might want to buy from the item mall for an IGG game???

    For everything that IGG "does" to help its fan base in games, it doesnt seem to understand things.  Yes it is awesome that the games are "F2P"  but they have or will gradually take the mall and use it to completely ruin the game.  As the example, just go have a look at Mythwar. 

    Events to players, are a chance to obtain things that are sold on the mall, because not everyone uses the mall.  In IGG's eyes its to get everyones hopes up that things might be changing.  Event after Event becomes worse and worse. to the point they dont work  In fact the company's homeland event worked for 1 of the scheduled 6 days (Chinese New Year).  Unfortunately, IGG doesn't see things the same way, so anything that they feel they can make money on they have done so.  The most upsetting of all things just happened recently, with the introduction of +13 gems onto the mall.  These were "event gems"; name says the ONLY way they are obtainable.

    The Live Support or "Game Masters" as they are called, for the most part have not played the game, so they have no actually knowledge of the game itself.  On "Sentinal MSN", I as well as other Sentinals, both past and present have been sent messages by the "Game Master" currently working and asked "How does a person forge armor?" or "How do I put a reagent onto an armor".  They are "Game Masters" these questions shouldn't have to be asked by them.

    Continuously we have heard that updates are coming, updates are coming.  The last update was to fix the duplication bug, which that didnt work at all.  The last update that contained gameplay was October/November of 2006.  The notorious "Trading Zone" bug has been around since August - September 2006.  Even as I type this, the IGG "technicians" still haven't resolved this problem. In December of 2006, promised was New Maps, Superior Guild Functions, and Second Reborn.  Nadda, same things I have been told will be released after this server merge.  I personally am not holding my breath.

    Each time Mythwar has seen business in the item mall slide, interest in the game declining, "new things" have been released on the item mall.  The funniest is they want 158 mall points for a pet egg (Lucky Egg).  The only pet in the egg that isnt "obtainable" in the game is the Sand Giant.  Of course the true laugh is they say "new pets" have been released.  The only difference between these "new pets" and the pets in game is a change in name.  Instead of being a Fog Spirit, the egg gives you a Wicked Spirit.  Growth rate exactly the same, Initial resistances are the same.  All the older players have is "guild wars" to show up for, so to attract them back IGG puts on a brainless event called "Guild War Tournament" Each guild enters  2 and they battle in desert city.  In no way does this actually reflect "guild war" because in some cases your starting a battle completely out of mana, or no pet in battle.  You can mix and match your armors so that some character races indeed become useless.  This was by far the least enjoyable of events so far, but on the bright side there wasnt an issue where it didnt work!

    When hacking or cheating arises, IGG does not look into it.  It was reported 6 months ago there had been a botting program released for Tales Of Pirates, also known as Pirate King Online.  As of yet nothing has been done to block the usage of this program by IGG.  Within a week PKO had it blocked.  Trying to explain to IGG how and what allows programs to work on their games has been a waste because they do not comprehend how the cheats work.  Therefore they dont fix it and the cheating run rampant.

    So when you see that you can spend money on IGG's "item mall" avoid doing so.  Yes in my other post, you read that I was an IGG VIP.  As of September of 2008 I will no longer be.  Once myself and a few other VIP's found out exactly what IGG was about, our spending halted.  Many of us have attempted to get everyone to boycott the item mall, only to realize that we cant stop 4 servers from doing so.  Best you can do when you have reached the point myself and other "Mythwar-aholics" have is to just sit back and laugh at the vain attempts IGG makes to kick a dead cow and try to get more milk from it.

  • zora520zora520 Member Posts: 1

    i wonder if i should try this game but doesnt look cute to me at all

  • SweetSenseSweetSense Member Posts: 33

    What in the name of Lord is this game........???

    never cry ......just screem

  • kiezenkiezen Member Posts: 3

    I agree, the game is quite good. Though it is more of a little kid game rather then one for teens

  • snow74839snow74839 Member Posts: 4

    lol   you are right  it is more suitble for child.

    but also can make adult happiness ^^  make you relax

  • DarkHunter30DarkHunter30 Member Posts: 2

    yh lol is more for a child but like u said relaxes us adults

  • gellybeansgellybeans Member Posts: 86

    This game is really good. I played it a few months ago when the level cap is only up to lv 60 and I managed to level up my character. For the grinding part, Well it really is hard if you don't have a totem in which you can be teleported to the mysterious area and you can leave your character there to train skills or spells on the training dummy. Training dummy allows you to auto attack and you can leave your character the whole night levelling up skills or spells


    Overall, this game is really good especially if you're a fan of ragnarok because of it's childish/ cuteness theme

  • FiresealMMOFiresealMMO Member Posts: 54

    This game seems an exact copy of HelloKittyOnline. Or perhaps it's the other way around?

  • SignoreSignore Member Posts: 127

    All I have to say, I have been looking for a good Semi Anime Styled game, and this fits the bill well.

    Also of the 3D ones I can't even get past the first quest because of various reasons, but this one reminds me alot of Rag/Conquer which were games I enjoyed alot.

    "Not your Average Noob"
    ©Signore 2005

  • deviladventdeviladvent Member UncommonPosts: 54

    you like it cuz you are asian head hentai lover.


  • RealbigdealRealbigdeal Member UncommonPosts: 1,666

    Instead of playing that game, go play ragnarok online. They have a free server now.

    C:\Users\FF\Desktop\spin move.gif

  • thelawoflogicthelawoflogic Member UncommonPosts: 757

    is this out for ps3 yet?

  • rcareyrcarey Member Posts: 63

    Originally posted by xingxiu

    It is so cute,although I don't have much time to enjoy it:(

     Yet you have time to type in a forum about it...? Confusing.

    ~i'd rather be forgotten than remembered for giving in~

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