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Trickster Online comparison and other miscellaneous info.

    Hello! I am going discuss the pros and cons of this game. First off, i would like to state that this game looks fun and that i enjoyed the beta even if it was kinda buggy. This is the kind of stuff asian girls and boys who like naruto and bleach would eat up like a rabid wolverine. I am one of those boys !
    This game has a lot of potential but a LOT of competion. The major games that this game will have to compete with are: Maplestory, Ragnarok, Rose, Flyff,etc. All of these games have the "cutesy" animation thing going for them. But these games all have faults so i'm gonna tip you off to them cause i play all of them.

Maplestory: 2-D and repetitive. fix this by offering party quests and encouraging parties.
Ragnarok: Excellent gameplay but is ptp and not really worth the money.
Rose: PtP and flyff is as good as or better than it but it was so friggin awesome when it was free
Flyff: Fun, but lacks the certain magic that these cute games that ragnarock and maplestory have

    This game has a lot of potential and looks like fun, but dont make it a total grind fest. I have played games like that and it got real boring real fast.  Add party quests and encourage parties, Add new classes like flyff did, the assisst and acrobats are a real wake-up from the average warrior, mage, bowman, and theif! Add in something like cars or flying like rose and flyff did, make lots of nice maps like maplestory did, DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT make this game ptp people will stop playing fast. Use a cash shop but keep it moderately cheap because no one wants to buy a $70 virtual hover bike like in flyff! And keep in touch with the people dont have gms just sit aside, have them venture all across the map and have them ask what the people want. Constantly add updates because a game that stays the same will always be lame(quote from grandpa thx gp!). I also recommend adding an alternate form of transportation like a bike or a broom or car or something. One more thing, you should frequently add event, like a christmas event where you can find santa hats from mobs. Any way, this is your game so (reffering to makers) dont disappoint the customer becuase youll lose money and no one wants that.

    Well, im done talking sooooo...... if you have comments on my guide or think this post would be useful for other games well, ....e-mail me at ezylryb@gmail.com




  • trashpooltrashpool Member Posts: 2
    Well you got off to a good start, but when it came down to describing Trickster you just rattled off what the game shouldn't do in order to be a good game. Other than you saying it was a good game my opinion (or lack of one) hasn't changed at all.
  • DarkArcanaDarkArcana Member Posts: 3

    here are my opinions

    Based from the ff games: Ragnarok and Maplestory

    Pros: Good gameplay

    You can actually make friends here

    Encourages partying

    Cons: You rely on ROYAL/SPECIAL parties for 2.5 exp, thus having a hard time sometimes on solo grinding

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