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Problem Reguarding GameGuard!

PopeOnDopePopeOnDope Member Posts: 29

Guys i have a problem here and now im pretty pissed, i downloaded and installed the game without any problems then when i began to start the game, a error popped up concerning gameguard.

After that it instantly popped up with the Gameguard FAQ which was practically usless, so i am writing this to ask anyone who knows how to deal with this error and warning people who r downloading Dekaron now....

ps. i downloaded it from gamershell , i dont suppose it makes any difference if i downloaded from another site?


  • khartokhar3khartokhar3 Member UncommonPosts: 486

    cb was closed few weeks ago so the game is down right now. but the open beta will start at April 2nd so need just to be a little patient 

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