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SunkastSunkast Member Posts: 16
Stop rating this thing good, it's awful! Stop creating multiple accounts and rating high.


  • WingForceWingForce Member Posts: 8

    If you want to be a hater, hate another game. This game is very good, you probably didn't even try it yet. There aint no other game like this one, there is many many things you are allowed to do in it. Did you even reach level 40? If you even played. And I don't know if people make different accounts to vote repeadetly, I do not, I didn't vote on this game yet, I'd give it an overall 8/10. It's very good.


    So please, stop being a hater, and next time, give us reasons why you dislike this game.

  • Psiho246Psiho246 Member Posts: 482

    The games real hype is 5.9, this is just MMORPG.com-s push and its not permanent it will disappear in few days.


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