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Questions from a potential new player

Sieges111Sieges111 Member Posts: 120
  1. Is there durability on items? If there is, can the items be repaired when they break?
  2. Does your character need to eat to live?
  3. Is there player owned housing?
  4. Is there a warehouse for storage?
  5. Is there an offline messaging system (e.g. post office)?
  6. Can you have pets and/or mounts? Do they need to eat to live?
  7. How are the controls? Can you use the two-mouse-button run method of moving?
  8. Is your avatar class-based or skill-based? If you mess up your build, can you pay to correct it, or do you have to start over?

I'm sure I will think of more. Thank you for any help!


  • LeemegLeemeg Member UncommonPosts: 230

    1. Yes, every time you die, the equipment get a 10% hit on durability. No, different on the stats if the armour is on 10% or 100%, but 0% will make the items not effective at all (equal to go naked). Some mobs do hit with damage that will make the durability go down.

    It is possible to repair broken items (0%)

    2. No, but there is food that boost some stats and increase the out-of-combat regen on your health pool. Drinks effects out-of-combat regen on your power pool. Good food/drink == less downtime between fights.

    3. Yes, but they are more like apartments.

    4. There is bank slots in the game, and 4 share slots for your characters. Guild has bank slots too.

    5. Yes, post boxes all around (if not PvP servers)

    6. You have access to mounts, and some pets that are most for fun. Some classes use combat pets (Conjour, necro, illusionist, coercer to some degree).

    7. Think you can. not 100% sure, my memory may trick me :)

    8. It is class based, but you get 140 Achievement points that you can distribute around as you wish. Those points are not always to completly change your class, but more like enhance some of you skills. Some skills is able to switch how a character is fighing (like Warden, Mystic and Inquisitors can convert their damage spell to combat arts, so that they can become melee healers).

    Hope it helps :)


  • Sieges111Sieges111 Member Posts: 120

    Thanks Leemeg! That helps a lot.

  • diknakdiknak Member Posts: 70

    3) To clearify, the housing is instanced, so you have your own special instance for your house.  You determine who can enter and move things around, but the houses vary in cost and size.  The free house is a one room house, but the big manors are 3 stories!  My apartment has two rooms and a very good price and location.  You have so many options as to where you can live and can tour the place before you buy.


    6) Mounts: Some mounts are quested for, but good mounts are purchased when your guild is a certain level. 

    Pets: Sommoners (Conjuror and Necromancer [good vs evil]) are the main pet classes and pets are their bread and butter.  Some other classes get combat pets, but they are weak and mostly used when soloing.  Every player has access to fluff pets that just follow you around, some give you a buff and some do nothing.

    7) Yes, you can hold down both mouse buttons to run.  You can also create a button for auto run (I use the side mouse button). 

    8) Class based 100%, but like the above poster said, you do have the ability to modify your class as you wish. 

    You earn AA exp by killing nameds, finding new places, discovering certain loot for the first time, and completing quests.

    Here is a good example of how AA's work:  I play a conjuror and raid a lot, so my fire pet (damage pet) is very important.  I spend most of my AA points on increasing his casting abilities for maximum damage.  However, if a conjuror doesn't raid and solos a lot, he can focus his AA points on his earth pet (tank pet) to increase HP, hate gain, etc.

  • WeaponXWeaponX Member Posts: 241

    Yes you can 2 mouse button move.

    and on the AP points you get 1 free rest so you can reset them and then you can also pay a NPC for a reset as well.

    Most mounts are used for run speed increase but there are higher end mounts that give def. and damage and some other stat boost's.

    The houseing starts out as a 1 room inn room with 2 box slots for broker items and 2 storage slots for the house where you can place boxes in them to store items. The bigger inn rooms allow for more storage slots/placed items and broker box slots.


    Hope to see you in game and hope this helps


    Assassin's like to do it in the dark and from behind.

  • MoiraeMoirae Member RarePosts: 3,318

    Pets don't need to eat, and neither do you.


    Pets not eating won't do anything, but some of them (like the Burynai Digger given as a bonus to ordering the RoK expansion early, and the carnivorous plant given with another of the expansions) are ones you should feed because they give you prizes like special temporary abilities, or "shinies".


    Shinies are little objects on the ground that have a question mark above them when you click on them. You can gather them and create collections, then turn them in to get items or money.


    You should buy food from the broker because it gives you little bonus' like extra stamina and replenishes your health and power faster than if you don't have it.


    Oh and just a suggestion, but sell any extra shinies on the broker. Some of them are worth alot of platinum.

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