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i want money.. how? tell me

wht is a good way to make moneY?


  • aimanzubiraimanzubir Member Posts: 2

    there r many way here some that i know..

    .manufacture and sell

    .fight monster sell item

    .sell hair item (special gas, dye )

    .become a promoter to get more mall point

    .commerce trade

    well thats all iknow,,,, i recommend u to become a promoter to get more item mall point  and commerce trade

  • dante182dante182 Member Posts: 3

    U can plvl a discipule til he reach lvl 41...

    Than u trade your reputation for credits...

    Use your credits to buy rations and than sell the rations...

    Norma rations u can sell for ~20k

    And tha auto-rations u can sell for ~25k

  • frank0910frank0910 Member Posts: 2

    to kill high monster       to became trafficker




  • msldkmsldk Member Posts: 7

    On Tales of Pirates Forum, you can seach for guides, I did that myself when I started playing TOP. It helped me getting a good start with lv35 unseals ^_^

  • minoes1minoes1 Member Posts: 7

    you can go to forum of tales of pirates. You can either go fish and seel. Or learn the skill woodcutting and mining. Every saterday you got a quest. And you need wood and fish and iron ore for it. If you sell it that day you earn a lot of gold.


  • gavinxxxgavinxxx Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 44

    there are lots of guide how to get more money

    this are the following: From Tales of Pirates Forum


    Try also.

    1. Buy and selling

    2. Nss

    3. Kill monsters and got all item which price is good to sell




  • TOPaymeTOPayme Member Posts: 1

    besides these, i also hear that top forum are running forum money for gold in game actvity which is rather attractive, you can log in their webiste to get more informaiton.


  • gavinxxxgavinxxx Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 44

    yes 1 forum money = 600 ingame gold

    but that event was delayed:

    Please read some detailed here


  • coatlicue4coatlicue4 Member UncommonPosts: 5

    btw commerce is closed.. if uve got a good sea voy u can get some LB quest sets and sell 1m ea set xD hmm or u can buy candy sticks for ur credits (9 for 3 cred) and sell... ppl r rly crazy about hex xP and the best place for money: MAZE, but with good guild or if u got rly good eq and u r strong for soloing...

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