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'Free Forever'

MrEvilDrMrEvilDr Member Posts: 84

Are they lying or is there some catch?

Game looks great... Free forever would get me extremely excited.


  • pyrocrazypyrocrazy Member Posts: 65

    its true, its a totally 100% free game. ive beeen playing since open beta started and its 100% free. there is an item mall where you can spend real money for some luxuries and help but its 100% and its really easy to go without the item mall. the item mall stuff you can buy ingame from players for really cheap and the item mall is just there to help.


    incase i confused you somehow its 100% free game with a mall that can help you if you want it to, you wont need it at lower lvls or higher lvls at all.

  • legend55legend55 Member Posts: 155

    yea i played this game for a long time and in the middle of it it really

    makes me think if this game is really free sow i like this game very much!!


  • EvilSpirit89EvilSpirit89 Member Posts: 3

    The game is 100% free yes. But the Mall screws up a LOT I've been playing this game for half an year now (since 1st day xD) and they are releasing so much power items in the mall that ppl with lots of cash actaully can be lvl 60 in a few days... Aswel the upgrades make it impossible for a non IM user to rule in the game vs IM users...

    So like always and each game,, money players rule,, others always will be the weaker ones... -.-

  • shadowlosiefshadowlosief Member Posts: 1

    Its definitely true. People with money own the game. They have easy access to many of the game best parts like fairies, costumes, very useful items and such.

  • mtgsongmtgsong Member Posts: 51

    it should be free to play because flyff game game play is way better than this.. about the graphic it's about the same.. overall flyff is better and it's free to play forever.. if this game goes to pay to play.. it going to be rated low..

  • yandaoskyyandaosky Member Posts: 6

    ya ya ya, wow free game to all man. haha

  • ruoyajiaruoyajia Member Posts: 9

    begin to play it.

  • hallpikehallpike Member Posts: 1

    Well the game is free t o play,just get started.....but if u have Mall points then u have extra advantage xD,can buy mall items which get u good money in game..also ppl will want to be friends with u xD.but not having mall points is as good as with mall points as long as u enjoy ur game xD

  • SailorCallieSailorCallie Member UncommonPosts: 54

    Originally posted by shadowlosief

    Its definitely true. People with money own the game. They have easy access to many of the game best parts like fairies, costumes, very useful items and such.

    But, that's when PayPal and company comes in. But, before you know it, certain retailers such as 7-11 and Best Buy will start selling ToP cards to be used to purchase online stuff for your characters.

  • well, put it this way... free games still require servers to host them.  server costs for a game of this  size would be enormous.  item mallers simply help to keep the game free for the rest of us.  if there was no incentive to actually shop there, then we'd all be screwed.  btw- IM'ing isnt why ppl level so quickly, its because of the hexalthon, fyi.  and yahh, ppl wanna be friends with mallers because they want to scam them.  lolz       but seriously,  any player can get things like gems and sets from im  without spending any real cash... just earn some rep points in game.  take on a few disciples, level them to 41, and there, u got yourself free item mall credits... hooray.


    dja ♥ djja ♥ ddjjaa ♥  djaa ♥♥♥ Skull server

  • uchiha_fazliuchiha_fazli Member Posts: 4

    TOP rcoks.. cool... its a great online game.. =)

  • dante182dante182 Member Posts: 3


    U don't need to be maller to get stronger fast...

    Of course maller have some advantage...

    But u can be strong without spent even a single cent in IM...

    And the most important...u can have a lot of fun without being a maller XD

  • sufefangsufefang Member Posts: 1


  • ningmengbainingmengbai Member Posts: 6

      Another game by  IGG, i played Mythwar before and i like Mythwar very much. when i visited the igg website, i saw this game, Tales of Pirates, it is a cute game different from Mythwar, it attracted  me too, so i downloaded this game to try.  I played the character Amy, the small girl. now i am lvl 32. The ppl here are very kind, they helped me to lvl up .


  • msldkmsldk Member Posts: 7

    Even if you are new at Tales of Pirates, you will learn it really fast.

  • icedfoxicedfox Member Posts: 9

    ToP is an Item Mall dependant game, so the "Free forever" technically isn't valid anymore. Obviously, nothing obliges players to mall, and the game can stay free, but the game needs mallers, and these mallers keep the game alive. However, what IGG puts in the Item Mall is just wrong. Rebirth stone, Black Dragon equips, Pass to Abaddon 4 (limited) (but every few days they restock with them), Unlimited Dragon Slaying bags, Unique gems. What used to be rare and hard to get in game, became common for mallers who played the game the easy way.

    There's nothing wrong with malling, but those who call others "noobs" because they malled for thousands of dollars and have each unique gem lvl 5+ is just pathetic

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