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Frontier 1859

WallanoWallano Member Posts: 104

How come Frontier 1859 isent added to the gamelist?

The game looks awsome and i just cant wait for it to get out :D

What do you think of the game? Any comments? =)


  • woalCEwoalCE Member Posts: 32

    I would love to play this as well.

    Enjoy your favorite MMO with us!

  • WootNationWootNation Member Posts: 244

    Kinda looks pathetic to me, but everyone has different taste... never knew about this anyway though, thanks for the info :P

    Give me a good skill based sandbox game, and i'll give you a cookie!

  • wolfmannwolfmann Member Posts: 1,159

    I believe Frontier 1859 is still in the concept and funding stage really.

    So it's not "eligible" to get it's own place here yet....


    Need more than just a concept and a webpage hehe

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  • abbabaabbaba Member Posts: 1,143

    Last I heard they have a bunch of great ideas and concepts but no money and no developer. Lots of people could dream up a great MMO, but the money and the development are always the hard part. Afaik its vaporware at this point.

  • SeggallionSeggallion Member UncommonPosts: 684

    Aye, cowboy. Intresting concept!

    The Sceptics, yes they're special but we've need them to.. I guess.
    And if they're put more effort can create a 'Team Sceptic'
    and send them to the Special Olympus.

  • ElikalElikal Member UncommonPosts: 7,912

    It seems to be in a very early stage yet. But good idea, generally. We have so many medival/fantasy era MMOs and some sci-fi era MMOs but nothing on the basis of 18th/19th century settings, which I find is a great lack. As European I am not so thrilled by a setting in the US settler background, but worth to watch how it goes.

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  • nariusseldonnariusseldon Member EpicPosts: 27,775

    For some reason, westerns are just not very popular in video games. The only modern one I can think of is GUN.


  • mike470mike470 General CorrespondentMember Posts: 2,396

    There's the link, and i is in very early discussion...I could not find any screenshots though.

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