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How Do You Make So Much Money?

kingsofectokingsofecto Member Posts: 42

I see people with 20 Million, I only have 27k and i'm Revolving Chakra 12 can anyone give me tips to make more money? Thnx!


  • TrashcantoyTrashcantoy Member Posts: 827

    mobs can drop blood essence, its worth 300k

    also so far (im rc4) ive gotten 3 korean ginsengs from quest rewards, those sell for 200k each.

    Tomes (for lightfoot for example) or manuals also drop from mobs, worth 25k to 50k for the lowest type of tomes/manuals. Mobs can also drop elixirs, lvl 1 is 30-40k but lvl 2 elixirs are 100k+ and u have 6 different elixir lvls, but i dont know if lvl 3+ elixirs drop at your lvl

    also ambrosia u get from quests is worth 70k each

    mobs also drop soups that add damage (this is for only one more week cause of Chinese new year) and those are worh 35k each and drop quite often

    also loot everything u can and sell it to npc, weapons can get u pretty money

    ps: all these prices are Bardo (EU) prices, good luck!!

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  • kingsofectokingsofecto Member Posts: 42

    ok thnx I'm sure it will help me

  • DutchggDutchgg Member Posts: 12

    Yes try to get blood essence and merchandice it al the drops that you get sell in hefei and merchandice elixers  lvl 3-4 if you have t money this game is awsome in merchandisinf because we controll the market!

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