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i need a little help

blotzblotz Member UncommonPosts: 99

i  made a shade fighter on vindication

just hit lvl 10

now i am not sure where to go next ....


i planed  to try a bm warior .... basicly something simple ( but not too simple ) for the start


now i am not sure ... maybe a warlock would be better / easier ... thinking about flying


or maybe a ranger .... the self buffs could make my life much easier


are low lvl dex swords in the game at all  ( got swordskill 50 now ) ?

is it possible for a new toon to get bm stuff early in the game ( not to forget about the bm disc itself ) ..... the end of the world is near so i was hoping that prizes are not to high


would be great if anyone knows



  • zymurgeistzymurgeist Member RarePosts: 5,484

    Jen'emdal 70% blademaster sword. You can pick one up in the faction safeholds or in Bastion on RoC

    "We have met the enemy and he is us." ~Pogo Possum. 

  • blotzblotz Member UncommonPosts: 99

    thx :)

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