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if you new to tales of pirates

if you are new to tales of pirates  you can register at http://www.igg.com/member/commend.php?user=VARN129  when you register on this website you can get help with your newbie characters and get help lvling them by an experienced player of Tales of Pirates. when you register on the other site http://top.igg.com/index you will be on your own and will have to beg people to help you. As a promo i will be able to help you in your time of need as well as help you lvl up for a certain period of time. for this to happen you must pm varnster129 (my sn for TOP) on the coral isle only.

PS:  There is a slight spelling mistake that i do not know how to fix on the pole. it is Voyage Century not what it says below.


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