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is this game good/

waterskill22waterskill22 Member Posts: 2

Is this game good and does it have a lot of grinding involved?


  • ghoul31ghoul31 Member Posts: 1,955

    There is  no grinding. You level very fast.

    Its mainly a pvp game. And there is an insane amount of different ways to make a character



  • DesidariusDesidarius Member Posts: 21

    I don't know, I played for a while before they went free and invisibility/see invisible was such a make or break deal I didn't like it. Otherwise it was a pretty good game.

  • renstimpy99renstimpy99 Member Posts: 175

    Not much grind at all and no silly missions or quests at all. You can get to high lvl 60 (max is 75) in under 10 hours (faster if you get power leveled in a hotzone) ,and you even get xp from doing pvp which is the main part of this game.

    For a free mmorpg its good if you like pvp. Anarchy online is nice also but it has some restrictions if you dont want to pay monthly. 

    Normally I dont like point and click move but for this game I dont mind it for some reason. The camera is good and you can move large distance by clicking on minimap which is nice.

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