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News? Help? Ashen gone? a wipe? WTF?

SturmrabeSturmrabe Member Posts: 927

Ok whats the deal? I'm hearing bits of this and that but would like to know whats the real deal Hollyfield!


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  • KamynKamyn Member UncommonPosts: 27

    I can't find any posting about it as yet, but I also can't acess their websites!?

    It's a shame if it did go down, was decient in its time and was free now to boot.

  • ghoul31ghoul31 Member Posts: 1,955

    The wipe will hopefully happen in a couple weeks

    The will be one ARAC server and one Loreplay server


  • PyrostasisPyrostasis Member UncommonPosts: 2,293

    that seems to be more active than forums.

  <--- thats ashen going to bioware.


    They are resetting the servers, but it is rather vague so far other than the fact that there is one loreplay and one arac.

  • GruntyGrunty Member EpicPosts: 8,657

    Over the last two years, numerous fixes and enhancements have been made to increase the stability of the Shadowbane servers. To fully take advantage of these changes and to increase performance even more, all existing servers and data should be brought down and new world brought online. Doing so will also address other concerns such as removing items from the economy that have existed for years and continually cause balancing concerns.

    To accomplish this, all existing worlds will be brought down, two new worlds will be brought online (Malog - ARAC and Saedron - Loreplay), and all character, world, etc data will be purged from the service.

    ETA cannot be set without Patch 22 going through Test Server procedures first to verify the build is ready.


    Ashen Temper

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  • Mimimi_RuMimimi_Ru Member Posts: 41

    The ETA is like 1-2 weeks based on test patch progress. Granted im just guessing


  • PyrostasisPyrostasis Member UncommonPosts: 2,293

    I really wish I could stomach the interface on this game... really I do. It has so much potential, but I feel so trapped in it.

    I guess Im just used to other games with free moving characters and such, I tried to recapture my old SB days, but everytime I log into my toon, I feel like Im tied to a chair with only one arm free.

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