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Ascendancy-Inc (ASCI)

ZipehZipeh Member Posts: 265

Ascendancy-Inc was founded in 2004, the result of a merger between two corporations, Phoenix Rising Inc and SETI, both founded during the beta.  Other experienced players joined us, and then we started a recruitment drive to get some new blood; we now stand at 90 members.  We are not part of any alliance at the moment, but work primarily in the Khanid, Querious, Period Basis, and Kor Azor Regions of Eve.  We have both European and North American members and are trying to cover all the time zones to the best of our ability.
We allow our members to pursue their own goals, under the understanding that as they advance, the corp will advance as well.  Sometimes we work together, and othertimes apart, depending on the circumstances.  We do not tax, or require people to do anything in particular, but as we are a great group of mature players (and I do not mean old), we all help each other out to the best of our abilities.
We have specialists in PVP, NPC hunting, Empire Mining, 0.0 Mining, Production, Research, Refining, Agents, and Sales; or should I have said we have specialists in all areas of the game.  New players are not restricted in any way, and are incorporated into the group as they want to be.  We own hundreds of blueprints, and keep our hangers well stocked with the basic ships, weapons, ammunition, and equipment, free for use by corp members.  Our researchers keep these stocks of blueprints up to date, and work to get the most from them by lowering production costs and time.  Our refiners will take care of any ore or loot you have, at no cost, and are sometimes willing to cross a few regions to get the job done.  Old players will often give allot of their time to helping the newer players with resources and isk, to get them moving, and of course with information to help them along through the rather complex world of Eve.
If you are interested in learning more about ASCI, then contact us:

In Game Chat: ASCI

IRC: #Ascendancy-Inc   or #Ascendancy-Inc

Web / Forum:

You can ingame mail me as well

Toshiro Hasegawa







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  • ZipehZipeh Member Posts: 265

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